One Word for 2006

Sometime ago Linae tagged me with finding a word for my goals in 2006. While I did have a word in mind right away, I kind of procrastinated posting it all. This time of year is very busy and well I have posted lots but I still have a list of about 8 more items I’m behind in. I hope to catch up on all of these along with my reading/comments over the next week. I am on vacation until the new year…YEAH!

So sorry for the delay Linae but here goes….

My one word for 2006 – THINNER

My first thought when tasked with this had been the word skinny. I thought more about that and I don’t really want to be skinny. I do however, want to be THINNER. If you’ve been following along you know I’ve already started a PLAN to get me there. Since Nov 21 I have been following Impact Magazine’s Fitness Challenge. I stuck to it about 99% for the first few weeks and dropped 14 pounds. I relaxed a little and am now sitting at 12 pounds gone. For the next few days I expect that will remain the same as Christmas Season temptations creep in. I will however be selective in my indulgences. Now remember most people gain 5-10 pounds through the month of December so that means I’m already way ahead this season.

As for 2006 I have set a number of goals throughout the year until I hit my “thinnest” goal. So here’s how I’d like it to go. Based on an average loss of 7-9 pounds per month

      November 21, 2005 — 238 pounds
      March 31, 2006 — 200 pounds
      June 30, 2006 — 175 pounds
      September 30, 2006 — 150 pounds

Once I reach 150 I will decide if I want to go any lower. I haven’t decided what the right weight is for me but it should be somewhere between 130 & 150. What I need to determine is what weight can I reasonably maintain by eating healthy (not dieting) and being reasonably active. By reasonable I mean running 3 to 4 times a week and perhaps some cycling and swimming (1-2 days) for each while occasionally indulging in things like chocolate and icecream but for the most part just eating healthy.

PS – anyone ever read Stephen King’s book – THINNER? Where can I find that gypsy to curse me…lol. 🙂

As for tagging others well let’s see since Jack, Jon and Jank are all trying to lose weight as well I think they need to be tagged and heh, anyone else whose feeling left out or needs something to post, you’re tagged as well. Hmmm wait Mateo you tagged me, so I’m tagging you back…lol.

Happy Holidays everyone!