Oh What a Run


Did you check out Mr V above! The proof is in the pudding. Last week, I thought wow when I did just over 4km at an 8:37 ave pace. I figured it was a fluke or maybe even I had plotted the distance wrong. But tonight I proved it wasn’t a fluke. I proved I really can do it and even better.

After work I changed. I did the usual warm up walk to the park and then began to run. Two minutes in I paused briefly to remove a few layers. I was too bundled up to run comfortably and it wasn’t as cold as I thought, although the temperature was supposed to be -10C. Restart of Mr V and I was off. Much better. I was moving pretty good but wondered, can I maintain this pace for 6 or 7km? My plan was to run out for half an hour and then run back. I had about an set aside for the run.

I was making such great time that I opted to turn at 3.5km to head back. That was about half a km further then I thought I would make. I did have to make a couple of other short stops to undress further and later as it cooled off to add back a layer. Just so you know, I did stop Mr V when I took my short breaks. I wanted to know my true running time/pace. Somewhere along the line I wondered..”Could I really do 7km in an hour?” I might have to push it a bit but then isn’t that what you are supposed to do in a tempo run?

So push it I did. If felt good but at times it was a struggle. I ignored the struggle and pushed through it. I checked my pace now and then. I tried to keep it under 9pr km. I slipped a few times but for the most part as you can see, I rocked my run tonight. I cut it pretty close but I beat my hour cut-off by 3 whole seconds. Woooohooooooooooo! Sweet Sucess! 🙂

I finished my workout with a walk back to the office. Actually I wasn’t done there was still the walk to the bus and then the walk from the bus stop home. So add another 3km of walking to tonight’s great workout.