October Update

So now that I’ve finally caught up and done my race report, the 2 or 3 of you that are still hanging out here are likely wondering what I’ve done for the last two weeks. Well not a whole heck of a lot.
Okay so on Sunday Oct 05th, I watched, NOT RAN another event – Run for the Cure. It was the goal event for my 5k running clinic. I figured two races that weekend was enough for me so I played “coach” and watched my running clinic members do the race instead. We followed the race with a celebratory lunch at Milestones. You can check out all the photos over here.

I’ve done some other running since the races but nothing really to brag about. Now that the clinic is over I’m working on me and not really sure what that is just yet. The leg is still not 100%. I have good days and really bad days. I’m hoping that will change for 2009. I’m calling this my “off year” even if it wasn’t by choice.

I’ve started looking at the calendar for next year. It’s gonna be a busy year volunteer wise. I’m stil on the executive for the Calgary Marathon which has been moved to May 31st and I’ve also signed up to help out with the new 70.3 Ironman that Calgary is hosting in August 2009. I’m also hoping to head to Seattle at the end of June for their new RnR Marthon. 2009 is gonna be a good year. So now that the year is heading into winter what are your plans? Are you running throught the winter or taking some time off? Of course, I’ll be running my XC races so no break for me…lol.