Oct 7 – Papa Roach at Cowboys with Age of Days & Pop Evil

A friend and I scored tickets to a fun night at Cowboys. The headliner was Papa Roach. Forever is one of my fav songs by him

The place was packed. We managed to score a spot right up by the front and had a great view of all three acts for the whole night. The other acts were excellent but as much as I went to see Papa Roach I must say I actually enjoyed the first act the best.

The group was Age of Days. My friends and I not only enjoyed their music but well they were shall we say HOT!

2013Oct-Cell (4)

Age of Days mingled with the crowd after so we managed to score not only a signed CD but a photo with the band. (photo was taken with cell, so quality is not the best, click the thumbnail for a larger view) The band also has a FaceBook page and a blog. Links are on the band’s website. Their drummer does a pretty good job of writing up what happens on tour. So yes, what happens on tour does not stay on tour, it gets blogged by Mike…lol. Offical blog – Hey Langford. Check it out his writing is almost as entertaining as the band *wink*.

In case you were wondering, the other act was Pop Evil. They played in between Age of Days and Papa Roach.

The funniest part of the whole night actually happened as I was leaving the club. I pulled up to the lights at a nearby intersection and Age of Days guys were in the van next to me at the intersection…lol. Turns out one of the members (the cute one to the right of me in the photo) lives pretty close to where I live so we drove pretty much side by side until I was nearly home. They peeled off to eat at McDonald…lol.