Oct 5 – CRR River Park XC

2nd race, not same as the first…lol. Twas a busy morning. Had to pack up the soup, the cookies, a change of clothing and oh yeah, get dressed to run. The soup had been made on Friday. Okay, I actually started the base on Thursday and finished it off on Friday, adding the chicken, veggies, noddles and spices for a tastey Chicken Noodle. Nikky made the desert – her yummy Island Cookies, which contain nuts, coconut and chocolate chips. They are so yummy they almost didn’t make it to the next day let alone the race. Why extra clothes well, more about that later. 🙂

We picked up Nikky’s friend Grace then headed to the hall to drop off the soup. I almost got lost trying to find the hall. It was the first time heading there from the South end of town. Found it, dropped of the soup and headed to the park. Lots of our running friends were already there. Another friend of Nikky’s joined us so now she had to buddies to run with. We registered and discovered oh oh, thanks to the flood there was no bridge alternative this year, no matter what, you run and get your feet wet, twice. Good thing we packed extra clothes and shoes!

There were well over 100 runners of all ages signed up by the time the race was ready to start. I got so busy chatting with friends I almost missed the start…oops…lol. The first race is always like old home week, catching up with friends you may not have seen during the summer. The route was slightly changed this year, again partly due to the flood. We started more up in the park area, then headed right down to the river. My knee was aching a little making me slower then usual. I was wishing I had started earlier then the group. By the time I got the the river most of the runners were most of the way across. It was a slow crossing for me. The water wasn’t that deep but the current was strong making it difficult to navigate the slippery stones. Whew I made it across but now had to navigate a slimy muddy pathway throught the trees and up the side. Then oh yeah another fav part that steep hill. Normally we come down that way but this year we reversed and went up it.

I was nearly to the top and could see other runners already heading in the other direction. Hmmm no way I’ve caught up. Sure enough at the top of the hill I see that I must run along the ridge for a bit before I can turn and run back the other way. Not only was I at the back, heck I think the closest runner was 1/2k ahead of me. Oh well, at least the scenery (and I mean the trees, the view, etc) was nice. I did the loop around and headed back the way I came. The route meanedered North along the top then down through the trees, past the other parking lot, through the trees again. Oops there was the tree across the path that Derek warned us about. I ducked. I wonder if anyone hit their head on it…lol.

Finally back to the river. Dang it all my feet were nearly dry. The second trip across was somewhat easier. Oh yeah, you know your last when the guy picking up the flags passes you…lol. The second crossing of the river put me at just shy of 3k. With my knee aching and me limping I opted to take a bit of a shortcut and only did 3k. Rather then making a left to do the last 1k I headed straight up the path, hung a left and crossed the finish line. These are low key races. I would feel better if I had done the whole thing but to get my 10 races in for the season all I have to do is start and do my best. I am comfortable that I did my best and will live to walk later.


Back to the hall for soup and deserts. Saddly for me the chicken noodle soup was all gone. But heh, at least everyone loved it…lol. Thankfully I had saved a bowl at home for another time. I had the tomato soup and some deserts. Nikky’s cookies also disappeared quickly. Twas a fun day.

We dropped of one of Nikky’s friends and the other return with us to spend the evening. The two of them attended a Babysitting course on Sunday while I relaxed. Oh yeah, Saturday night I spent soaking in my jetted tub while enjoying a glass of wine. 🙂

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