Oct 4 – EMS Ambulance Chaser 5/10k

Last week, at the last minute I signed up to run one of my fav races, the EMS Ambulance Chaser 5/10k. My training had once again fallen by the wayside so I figured, signing up for a race would mean at least I get 5k in. On Wednesday I headed over to Stride and picked up my race package. This is always fun as I always run into friends and running buddies. It’s always nice to catch up.

On Friday I opted to drive downtown and park my car near the race start at Eau Claire. Yeah for free parking after 6pm. I parked the car at about 6:05…lol. Lots of runners were already milling about. Of course I ran into a variety of friends including my buddies trom Tri it – Rose, Madi, Jake and Jordan. I took photos with my friend Sarah, the Tri-it gang, Batman & Cat Woman, and of course the hunky EMS guys…lol.
After milling about we finally headed outside to start the race. The 10k left first and were heading West. Five munutes later those of us doing the 5k headed out and turned East along the river. We followed the paved pathway along the river under the Center St bridge then crossed the river at the next bridge. Half way across the bridbe barely 1/4 of the way into the event, runners were heading back towards me. Jake Serpico was in 2nd place. HE’S 12!!!! No wonder my granddaughter has a crush on him…lol.

Still on the pathway but now on the North side of the river we headed East until just past the Center St bridge. Many runners had already turned around and headed back. I played yo-yo with a couple of run/walkers, passing them, then they would pass me. I remembered Rose’s tip and took a few short walk breaks trying to speed up the pace on my run. The knee ached a little, but not unbareable. Other runners still heading to the turnaround, meant I wasn’t last…yeah!. Finally, back across the bridge and on the home stretch…yeah.

It was getting quite dark now and the downtown, the bridge, the river everything looked so pretty in the moonlight.
The park was almost eerie. The volunteers had flashlights to guide us to the finish. No worries for me, i had two headlamps on…lol. I rounded the corner and saw the clock. OMG, pushit girl and you can beat 50 minutes. Yeah I know it’s slow but for me that was huge….I did it with seconds to spare. I was a happy camper. Sarah was there to cheer me in and snapped a blurry photo. She said it was cause I was moving so fast…lol.

We got to eat great stuff after – sausages from Spolumbo’s, fruit, and lots to drink. Sarah headed off quickly but I hung out with the Tri-it gang. Jake picked up first place in his age group but was second overall. Amazing kid! I didn’t win any prizes but was happy with my run and that was all that counted.

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