Oct 20 – CRR Confederation Park XC – Relay

Yup, another weekend of racing two days in a row. Mind you, at my pace, not sure one can really call it racing…lol.

The Confed Park XC is also a relay. For this one there are 3 legs of the same distance. Actuall each team member runs the same route. Again you can have 1 to 3 members on your team as long as the route gets run 3 times. It’s a loop through Confedration Park that’s a bit better then 3k long and involves 2 creek crossings. For those not wanting to get their feet wet, there is a bridge altnate at both crossings.

For our team “Powered by Pink” it was myself, Nikayla and her friend Kylie. So the old fart, me with two 12 year olds, great. Because I”m slow and Kylie was new, they let the three of us start together and would add our times together rather then us going one after another.

It didn’t take long before I was left behind by my team and everyone. Actually my knee bugged me so much that I’m pretty sure by the time I got to the finish some teams had all three members finished. Oh well I do this for me and for fun, not to win. As far as the creek crossings go, I did skip the first one, taking the bridge. At the second crossing however, there are way more spectators so not wanting to look like a chicken, I jumped right in. I nearly wiped out but managed to remain upright. A big thanks to Kathy T for these great photos…lol.

As with all of the races in the XC series, soup & cookies are served after. I had brought two soups – a hamburg tomato one and chicken noodle. Nikayla baked some of her awesome cookies. We had a great chat with our running buddies before heading home.

Oh yeah, my time sucked so bad the two 12 year olds have kicked me off the team so anyone looking for a slow poke runner next year, let me know…lol.

The best thing about back to back racing is soaking in the jetted tub after.

Photos available on Flickr
Race Results