Now What?

Sunday was a quiet day for the most part. We did go out for part of the evening to attend the windup dinner for the Calgry Marathon Committee. It was an awesome dinner. I was still feeling a little down from Saturday’s DNF and had to of course talk about it cause everyone wanted to know how I did. That’s always the hard part. Sometimes I feel I disappoint my friends more then I disappoint me…lol.

I had today, Monday off. I slept in a little then got up. I had to return my wetsuit. I also went for a short bike ride around the neighborhood. Needed to get my “sea legs” back so to speak. Then I had to go to the Dentist, yuck. I had a tooth that had been bothering me and well he pulled two teeth. So now I am sitting here in a bit of pain. I think the freezing is finally gone enough I can attempt to eat some soup or something.

Tomorrow it’s back to work and no workouts. Dentist orders no workouts for at least tomorrow as the area could start bleeding again. What else will go wrong with my training this year…sheesh. Either way I will be doing some thinking. I need to find another triathlon to do this summer so I can “get back on the horse” and get over any fears or disappointment I am feeling.

Have a great week everyone.