Nov 7 – CRR Edworthy XC – Race Report

Okay another one bites the dust. Nov 7th was the 3rd race in the series of 10 XC – CRR Edworthy XC. I love them all but this one is my least favorite as it includes heading out along a steep ridge and I’m terribly afraid of heights.

It was a beautiful fall day. While the weather had been nasty for a few days more recently it was mild for this time of the year which meant the trails would be dry and likely ice free for the most part. Hubby had taken the evening before off so he came along to cheer us on as well as take some photos. By us of course I mean myself, my daughter Carrie and her daughter Nikayla. We are all aiming to complete the whole series in order to earn our Ironperson awards. This is Nikayla’s 3rd year doing all the races.

Not sure why but Nikayla opted to run with me today. I think she mentioned wanting to keep me company along the ridge so I wouldn’t be afraid. What a kid. Because I’m behind in posting this report, I’m gonna skip adding photos. You can see them all over at Flickr and the links are at the bottom of this post. Please check them out.

The race started just after 12noon. We did a loop through a grassy field before heading to the ridge. Danny, the race director said the loops was to thin the crowd out. It sort of succeded in doing that leaving Nikayla & I nearly at the back of the pack. Actually by the time we hit the ridge we were bringing up the rear. But heh, what’s new.

Surprisingly the ridge didn’t bother me as much as it had in past years. Perhaps it was the company, perhaps it was the nice weather. This year we did the loop in reverse so rather then heading down the nearest trail where I usually have to hug skinny bushes as the speedy guys pass me on their second loop. Yes, it’s a two loop route for those doing the longer distance. Instead we headed further along the top before heading downhill. This of course didn’t mean we didn’t get lapped. It really didn’t take that long before the speedy guys were passing us. Nikayla was just ahead of me so as a runner, or two would approach I would yell out to her and she too would step off so they could carry on. The pathways are very narrow seldom allowing two runners wide even at Nikayla’s small size.

I’d bet we lost at least 5 minutes allowing others to pass us. It’s one of the reasons I sometimes take a headstart at this one and self time. We probably should have done that as well today. Oh well. Nikayla was funny and would run ahead then hang back making sure her granny was okay. Remember I said no ice, wrong. There was one small patch of ice about two feet long but it wasn’t that wide and one could easily make their way around the outer edge. We meandered downhill stepping aside quite often for more and more runners. That’s way so many photos. No sense in concentrating on racing when it was practically impossible to race…lol.

After the downhill there’s a nice flat stretch. It’s wider so no stepping aside. Finally a spot where there was some “clear sailing” I mean running. Then it was back up the winding hill. We angle upward then then there’s a long straight up bit. That was likely the toughest part. Once at the top, more meandering this time back along the ridge. I don’t so much mind doing the ridge on the way back as we are looking up not down. Thankfully the pack had thinned as we ran back along this piece. It’s very narrow and really not safe for passing.

As we approached the last stretch I yelled at Nikalya to make a strong finish home and did the same myself. After wards Jim, our finish line guy said any one who can run as fast as I did at the finish likely didn’t run hard enough on the trails. I’d say he’s right I likely could have run faster if I wasn’t so nice. So next year I’m leaving 15 minutes ahead of the gang and we’ll see how much better I do. As for my finish time well it was still way better then last year and dang close to being a PB. My best time on that route was back in 2004 – 50:29. I’ve never done well on this one usually finishing in over an hour. By the way even though it’s supposed to be a 4k it usually measures out at just shy of 5k. Results for this year (and last) are at the bottom of the post.

We followed the race with the usual soup and deserts at the nearby hall. I think I ate way too many deserts. Once home I soaked myself in the hot tub. Love my hot tub.

Official times:
    Dawn (PinkChick) 50:50 (last yr 1:20:54)
    Nikayla 50:05 (last yr 48:19)
    Carrie 35:35 (last yr 48:19)

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