Not Quite 5km

I promised the little one we would go for a run today. The plan, a 5km route to practice for next Sunday’s race. We both slept in a bit – see sleeping beauty below and heh, I’m not the only one that has bad hair in the mornings…lol.

Little Miss Sleepy head

Stay out of the WaterAfter breakfast we did some housecleaning. She was quite the little helper. She helped me dust and reorganize some stuff. We didn’t get it all done but we made a pretty good dent in it.

Nikayla took a break to play this little game – don’t fall in the water. One foot on the carpet and one on the throw rug with the lino being the water. Kid’s can be pretty funny..

Then we got ready to head out for our run. Today’s run was for a couple or reasons. I just needed to get a run in, she needed to practice and then there was the miles we needed for Karen’s May Challenge. Have you checked out the challenge? Its pretty cool. We’re doing a virtual relay and heh, there’s even prizes. Details are on Karen’s site, so do your mile and let her know you’ve blogged it.

Anyhow, back to our run. I only have pictures of her but as you can see she’s pretty much dressed the same way I do…lol. The collage below shows her doing some warm up running before we headed out. We took the route I call my Energizer route. As she likes to and can go a little faster then me I let her go to a certain marker and then she would have to wait for me. At all cross walks she waited for me and we crossed holding hands. I hit the lap counter everytime we hit 1.6km/1 mile so Karen, you can link to this post as a mile for me and a mile for Nikayla. Actually we each did 3 miles.

The first was up the road to the hill and then down the hill. Nikayla had a blast running down the hill. I’d love to have just let her go, but instead she would run from flower bed to flower bed. At the bottom she waited for me to catch up. The cold left me short of breath and running behind, go figure.

The second mile was a bit easier and pretty much flat. Half way through it we made a quick pit stop at the rec center and then headed back towards home.

Nikayla “Granny, can we walk the hill?” lol
Me “Nah, we’ll take a different route
Nikayla “yeah, the hill will be to hard, right?!”

What a kid. Part way through the last mile we both complained a little but heh, we were almost home. Yeah. So today’s run was a tad slow but we got it done. I was tired and settled into relax by watching Brokeback Mountain. Nikayla found some extra energy and played in the neighbor’s backyard for a bit.

Pictured below Nikayla warms up for the the run (top left). I love the middle one, she looks so determined and serious. The right top and then bottom left show her heading down the hill. Oh to be able to run like a kid. Lastly when we returned she did some stretching with me.

A fun Run

PS – Kewl, your pictures made me smile, so hopefully these will do the same for you and hopefully you will be feeling better soon as well.