Nose Hill XC 4k- Race Report – A Cold One

Well I was gonna take a nap after today’s race but I got side-tracked going through and uploading all the great photos I managed to take during the race. So well, I never quite made it up to my room or the couch for a nap.

All week I had been kind of dreading this race. I mean I love my XC race series but the weather man was promising -30C with a windchill of -39C for today. And unfortunately he kept his promise cause that’s what the temperature was when I got up at 8ish this morning. Just before we were to head out it had warmed up to a balmy -28 but feels like -34. Oh for the USA that’s a -18F but feels like -30F. Just a tad cold.

Nikayla had spent the night at my place and her Mom arrived just before we were to head out. We were all dressed in several layers in effort to be ready to run in sub-zero temperatures. Les picked us up just before 11am. Thank Les, we really appreciated the lift to the race!

We arrived plenty early and there was lots of great parking. Gee I guess not too many were gonna brave the cold for this one. Just us crazy fools that really want that IronPerson award at the end of the season. Oh yeah, to be an IronPerson you must complete all 10 XC races in the series. I’m not getting mine but little Nikayla and my daughter, Carrie are both in the running for theirs. Missing today would have disqualified them. I missed a race back in December when I went to Vegas for the half marathon.

Anyhow, I put my soup (clam chowder) in the kitchen and we headed out to the start shortly after. Being as it was a tad cold, I did mention that, right, we drove to the starting line. Several did walk over but Les opted to take the vehicle. Now the original plan was that Nikayla and I would start the race but after a few hundred meters we would return to the vehicle and stay warm. You see you only have to show up for all 10 events, the rules don’t actually say you have to finish them. Funny when I had told Nikayla about the loophole the evening before she remarked “But Granny, that’s cheating!” What a kid.

Once we got out of the vehicle at the start we found it didn’t seem all that bad. I mean we were all bundled up pretty good so what the heck we might just do the whole dang race. Rather then wait around Nikayla and I opted to get a head start on the race. We would time ourselves using my Garmin. The event is pretty flexible and they do allow for things like that. There is no chip timing for these things. It’s all by “popsicle”…lol. They click the clock-tape when you cross the finish and give you a numbered popsicle stick. When you turn in your stick a label with your name is placed by the number on a large numbered board. Then they review the clicks on the tape to know which times to assign to which racer. Works pretty cool.

Anyhow, Nikayla and I headed out about 10 minutes early. We started out with a nice easy run/walk pace. Running on the downhills and walking up. It didn’t take long for me to warm up so I removed the long neck tube I had on and placed it on my belt. I shot lots of photos as we went along, so be sure to check them out over at my flickr site.

Nikayla wasn’t complaining at all. She was having a lot of fun and just running along. She liked it that we started early and could be out front for a bit. It was just before we started the long downhill trek that the lead runners started to pass us. Nikalya yelled “great job” as they ran by and a few stopped to high5 her along the way. She really liked that. At parts she even ran along trying to keep up with the speedy guys & gals.

As runners she knew approached I would yell from behind who was coming. When Derek or Mr Fancy Pants went by she was moving pretty good as she wanted to try and stay in front of him for a bit. Then when her buddy Les was coming she picked it up even more and was flying pretty good for a bit. One by one most of them past us as we entered the long stretch that was to be the biggest and toughest uphill on the course. It wasn’t steep just seemed to go on and up forever. Nikayla dawdled through that stretch. She stopped to draw hearts in the snow for her Mommy. As we approached the last bit of the long uphill her Mom came into view just behind us. She picked it up a bit but then lagged again cause she kind of wanted to have her Mom catch up to us. That really wasn’t a problem as she did just before we had to turn to the right and do a bit of a steeper uphill climb.

Oh yeah, those doing 8k had to head to the left instead. As we looked back to where the 8k runners had to go we saw the lead 8k runners returning and heading our way. They past us on the uphill. It had been an easy route to take. There was no hugging trees as well there weren’t really any around to hug and with so few runners out for the race we only got passed here and there usually one runner at a time often with long stretches between each runner.

Eventually Carrie moved on ahead of us. Nikayla mopped a bit about that but still seemed pretty happy about being out there. As we got near the end she picked it up and would run again as some of her running buddies went by. Finally with the end in sight she b-lined it to the finish for a time of 50:25. I was right behind her finishing at 50:55. Yeah we were done. I snapped some photos of the frosty faces that were hanging out around the finish and then headed of with Les back to the hall to warm up. No one was hanging around at the finish today…lol.

Back at the hall there was tons of soup and I would say that most runners had seconds or thirds. While I loved my clam chowder I opted to dine on Karen’s delicious meatball & tomato concoction. It was so tasty I had seconds. I had left some of the chowder at home so I got the best of both worlds that way. Cool beans when they gave out the awards Carrie got 3rd place Female for the 4k. Karen also picked up an award for her age group. That’s the nice thing that happens when there is a small turnout at a race. Oh yeah there was something like 55 of us crazy enough to run in the cold temperatures. We normally get 75-100 runners at these things.

Well that’s it for another XC. I’ll do my recap for the past week later. I now need to go make dinner for hubby. Hope you all had a great week and thanks for dropping by.

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