New Beginnings – the Rundown

What better way to start this week’s rundown of New Beginning’s and Firsts then with “Like a Virgin”. No not Madonna, it was Jeanne who ran an 8km race for the very first time on Saturday night.

Now running an 8km race for the first time is awesome. But how about running for 8 miles in the rain. That ain’t something I would do. I’m a wimp when it comes to rain and have only done a few km in it. But Rose did just that running her first 8 miles while “Rain was pouring down, pouring down all over her“.

Next up we have Chandra and Flatman, who are both training for their first Marathons. Chandra is doing a Marathon in Portland on Oct 2nd and Flatman has opted to do the Dallas White Rock Marathon on Dec 11th. In some ways that seems so far away and yet when training for something like this, the time flys and race day is here before you know it. (Note: neither Chandra’s or Flatman’s site have links for individual posts, so had to link to their actual sites). I know how they both feel, after all I did my first marathon here in Calgary just a couple of years ago. Completing that was like no other feeling in the world.

Then we have Bev who is in Week 3 of her first running clinic. So far so good for our “One Step at a Time” lady.

Okay, I really don’t know if this one is a first or something new, but I just can’t leave it out. Russ claims he slept with 1500+ women last night. He hasn’t posted the complete details yet, but it will definitely be worth checking out.

Keeping with the theme of Firsts or New Beginnings we back track to July 1st where Heather (Frolicking Filly) ran the 10k HBC Race (not sure of the race being her first, but the date it was on qualifies the post). This is a series of race events that take place in various cities across Canada, all on July 1st.

And saving my friends for last we have Linda (LouBob) and Karen (All Downhill) who ran their first half marathon just last weekend here in Calgary. I ran it as well but it was far from my first. It was my 4th and actually my third one this year.

That’s it for this week’s Rundown. Last week’s rundown was over on the BlogFather’s site and next week it will be at hmmmm beats me. I think Derek is still looking for a volunteer. Check it out at

New, starting over or just continuing – Keep on running, friends!!!

Edited to add: This one missed the deadline but it’s definitely worth adding as she has some great tips for others planning their first Marathon and I see there are a few out there. It’s a guest post on Brent’s site, an email from a cousin giving him advice for his training.