My Triathlon Race Day Plan

The swim – most nervous about getting in and out of my wetsuit. The one Brian set aside is a good fit but we took a long time getting me in it. Out wasn’t so bad. My time in the water will be whatever it ends up being. While I didn’t swim as often this year my swims were longer and I worked harder on form. Even if I only knock 5 minutes off last year I will be happy. My goal for the swim is anything under 1 hour. (Last year 1:02:35)

Swim to Bike Transition – should be okay. I will be wearing my top/shorts. If need be, extra bike jersey available. Nutrition available for quick energy before heading out on bike.

The Bike – this is the piece I am most nervous about. I know I have worked hard on this one but I’m still nervous about it all. I’ve done my hill work and such but…. Anyhow my goal is under 2:30 but would love to see closer to 2 hrs. Just don’t know if I can do it. Speed scares me…lol. (Last year 2:48:21 – includes a transition).

Bike to Run Transition – as I will already be in my running shoes and gear shouldn’t take too long. Ditch bike and go unless I have to “p”. Last year I didn’t worry about this transition, my goal was just to get to that point and I didn’t care how long the transition or the run took me as well frankly I had no cutoffs to worry about making.

The run – not worried about any of this. Once I get to this point the stress of cutoffs is over. Just a nice run in a beautiful location. Depending on how I have done on the swim/bike I may have pressures of my own to finish in a certain time but not worried at all. Will enjoy myself and getter done! My goal 1:45. (Last year 2:04:58)

Finish the swim, Finish the bike, Finish the run.

Beat last years time of 5:55:54 even if by a minute. Based on what I think I can do I should be able to finish my swim in under an hour (-2min). Bike I am un sure so maybe around 2:30 with transition (-18min) and the run will depend on how I’m feeling after the swim/bike but even if it’s under 2hrs would be great (-5min). Adding up all the minus reduces my last years time by 25 minutes to 5:30:54 which would still be a PB.

Ideal goal would be to finish under 5 hours. Would be nice but I just don’t know. (10min offswim, 30min off bike, 20min off run would give me 4:55)

Remember, best laid plans don’t always go that way and you will see this in my next post which tells what actually happened during my Triathlon.