Moving on and more catching up

Friday – March 25th
The nice thing about a great workout on Thursday is having a rest day on Friday. It was a normal work day. Well sort of. I got to leave early for a Dr appointment, the dreaded annual physical. It was also a frosty day so I took some interesting photos on my way there and in my back yard. Check the rest out over at Flickr.

Sat/Sun- March 25 & 26th
My bad, no workouts to chat about. Did however attend the CRR XC Windup Banquet. As I missed a race in December I did not qualify for IronPerson this year. However, Nikayla (now 9yrs) and my Daughter, Carrie both got their awards for the 4th year in a row. Pretty cool.

Monday – March 28th
Back on track, well sort of. My training plan called for an hour spin. I managed 45 minutes before calling it quits.

Tuesday – March 29th
I did both my swim and my run. I did my run at lunch a little “endurance run” of about 3.18k through the park area near Eau Claire. After work I headed to the pool for 1000m of swimming drills.

Wednesday- March 30th
Ah spin class with Richelle. Can’t think of a better way to spend my Wednesday evenings. 90 minutes of kick ass bike riding.