Mother’s Day 5K – Race Report

Wait, are you reading this right? Are you actually seeing a race day report being posted on the same day I’ve run it? Yup, amazing, eh. You see for now I’ve decided to forget about catching up cause it seems I just fall further behind so some day if I feel like going back and filling in the blanks, then I will but for now here is what’s happening or has happened today.

So this morning I was up early. I had tried to get a good night’s sleep but was terribly nervous about today’s race. “Why?” you ask. Well since losing the some 33 pounds and getting back to some decent training runs I was anxious to see just how I would do. I ran the 5k portion of the St Patty’s Day race back in March at around the 50 minute mark so I was hoping for a lot better. But just how much more was gonna be hard to judge. I also really wanted to try my best to keep up with my speedy daughter, Carrie and her daughter, Nikayla. Nikayla is now 7 1/2 and it’s the 4th year all of us have run the race.

Anyhow I ate a banana and made a piece of toast with peanut butter to eat on my way to pick up “the kids”. We were all dressed in pink as usual. We ran a little behind as they weren’t quite ready when I arrived but still managed to make it downtown in plenty of time to find a great parking spot. The walk to the start of the race was just long enough to get us nicely warmed up for the race. Being early also gave us time to make it through the long lines for the bathrooms.

Little miss got excited and impatient waiting for the start. Finally a little late we were off and running. I managed to stay with “the kids” for about the first km and then let them take off at their own pace. They never really got too far ahead. I could see them about a block ahead of me for most of the race except maybe for the last km or so. I was having an awesome race and completed my 1st km at 7:41…wooohooo. Somewhere in there I even hit a pace of 5:30/km.

I ran sets of 15 walk 1. Second km was a tad slower at 8:37 as was the 3rd one at 8:44. However according to my Garmin shows I really picked it up for the 4th km finishing it in 6:50. I must of slowed a bit for the 5th one as that one is showing as 10:17 however my sprint finish was clocked at a pace of 4:42. Gotta work on keeping that under 5:00/K pace for longer then the last minute or so of the race…lol.

All in all I’m estactic about my finish time 41:32 by my Garmin and the official time on the race website 41:33. Not a PR but about a 9 minute improvement over my 5k time in March and over 4 minutes faster then last years race time of 45:52. As for the kids, they had a terrific race and both scored PRs. Nikayla finished 38:52 and her Mom right behind her with a time of 38:54. So while I may be a loser on the weight front, I’m working on being a winner on the running front!

It was a great day, a great race and I can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day. So how was your day, do anything special?