Mother’s Day 5k – Edmonton – Race Report

I started this report eons ago so while it reflects the correct date, it really is late being posted. Not sure what happened but as I typped the last paragraph the whole thing disappeared. Anyhow, here I go again trying to post this report.

I’m not sure why but I was nervous about running in Edmonton. I mean I’ve run all over the USA so why should a city just a little north of home. I worried for nothing Nikayla & I had a great race. The route went from the track at the University along an overpass and continued downhill for quite a bit. It was a nice gentle downhill which of course meant just past the halfway mark we headed uphill, a really really really long uphill.

Despite the long winding uphill we both did pretty good. Nikayla and I chatted along the way and had a lot of fun. It ended up being a great race so I would definitely do this one again.
Photos on Flickr

Oh yeah, we made the Edmonton Sun – see photo here.

Here’s a video of us warming up before the race…..