More Snow & YTD Update.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve about had it with ‘ole man winter. Things had warmed up and started to melt. Then with a vengence the snow is back again. At least its not overly cold. -10C for last nights run and -7 tonight. I’m a little tired after last night’s harder run so I opted not to run tonight. Instead I did a little cross training and spent almost an hour shovelling the walks, the driveway, the back deck and all the areas around the hot tub. I even removed a lot of the excess ice that was caked on the cover of the hot tub. I also shovelled a path to the back gateway. All this while dinner was cooking in the oven.

YTD Recap
February was a good month. The plan had called for 103km but I only managed 96. Close enough. Ytd my plan had called for 213 but so far I’m up to 222.99. March calls for 152k so I guess I will be doing a lot of running…lol.

As for cycling, I haven’t done nearly as much as I would like but I’m concentrating more on my running. Ytd plan calls for 15k and heh I’ve done 18, so good stuff.

Swimming is going great but I missed a few workouts in January so I’m not quite where I should be in the plan. Ytd called for 4.15k and I’m only at 3.2k.

I have one more xc race a week from Saturday and then March 17th I have my first 10k in a long time. It will be a good test to see how my training is going. I’m both nervous and excited about it.

As for diet, well I’ve managed to drop about 6 pounds but am stuck. I still haven’t had a diet coke…yeah. Now if only I could stay away from all the other crap.

All in all it’s been a great two months. So how is your year going? Are you on track?

PS: I’ve been visiting a few blogs and trying to catch up. However, for those using blogger and the “verification word” thingy, I haven’t been able to leave any comments for you. Seems blogger is acting up again.