Mixing it up – running & yoga

Last Sunday was a fun day! I surprised myself by actually getting up early on a Sunday. I am not a morning person but I need to get back into getting up early on Sundays. So I set my alarm for 6:30am. Okay so I did hit the snooze a couple of times but I was still up and ready to head down to Eau Claire for my run by 8am.

I looked away my change of clothes and stuff in a locker at the Y and headed out on the trails. It was cool out somewhere around -12C, not quite as warm as I had hoped for but I have to stop using the cold weather as an excuse. It’s never gonna warm up and well I need to train. I love running the paved pathways by Eau Claire. You may run along but you are never really alone.

My training plan called for 1:15 hours of running. Starting at 8:30 gave me perfect timing to finish my run and then head over to the Eau Claire mall for Yoga. More on that later. The pathways were quiet as I headed out but every few minutes a group of runners would pass by. I suspect some were from the running room Sunday club run and I recognized many as my Calgary Roadrunners friends. I lost count after the first dozen or so “hellos” from friends. Some simply waving, some saying “hi” and some saying either “way to go Dawn” or way to go Pink Chick”. I smiled back and waved or said hi as well. Gotta love it. I don’t know about you but it all motivates me to keep going and keep running.

I had a great run. I made it just past the Crowchild bridge before turning to head back the way I came. I was smiling, running and enjoying the tunes on my iPod. I was about a km from being done and I spotted this cool looking bird. Okay so this is the one photo I actually stopped to take. Any other photos I take I just point, shoot and hope it turns out. I don’t stop, I don’t slow down!

Back at the Y I checked my Garmin 1:20:42 perfect! Distance covered 7.61Km, yeah! Ave moving pace 9:45, okay not fast but not bad for this slow pink chick, I’ll take it.

Now to change and onto the next workout. I passed Ally heading in for a swim. She’d already setup her mat at the Power of Movement (Yoga) thing and I was on my way to set my mat up by hers. I found her mat, set mine up and then milled around chatting with friends. Okay, just so you know, Yoga is not my regular thing. Maybe it should be but I was doing this to support a friend and in support of Arthritis and related autoimmune disorders that may affect musculoskeletal health. Besides some nice stretching after a good run are recommended by my coach and I don’t do nearly enough of it. Most of us don’t.

We started the Yoga workout at 11am sharp. The session was led by Kim McNeil, an awesome lady. Throughout the hour we did some poses I could do and some I struggled with. I need to work on my balance, my “tree” is a bit wobbly…lol. After the workout I hung out and had lunch at Jugo Juice, my fav, Chicken Ceasar flat bread and a Banana Buzz. Some ladies from Lululemon were there and I have to say thanks for my cool new lime green and pink water bottle. THANKS!

Well that was my Sunday. So what did you do with yours.