Mixed Bag

This week’s weather has been a mixed bag. It’s like we’ve had 4 seasons in one week…lol. Just when we thought winter was over, not that it’s ever really over in Calgary. Anyhow we got a major dump on Thursday. The weather man had called for a thunderstorm and we got a storm alright but it was snow, snow and more snow. The roads were a mess and many a car ended up in the ditch. Thankfully mine was home safe in the garage. Thankfully also club running had been the night before…whew!

Speaking of running which is what this blog is supposed to be about. It’s going much better. My new group is great. The old one was too and thankfully I get to see many of them on club nights, even if they don’t run with me. Anyhow for our practice runs the turnout has been awesome and all are doing so well. Heh, I’m even doing better.

Monday was clinic night and our guest speaker was the Store Manager, Donna with a talk about shoes. She did an excellent job. We followed the chat with our run. This week our sets for the beginner level were run 2, walk 1 and for the intermediate group running with Janice they did sets of run 4, walk 1. We altered the route a little bit and ran what I call the high school loop. There were a few groans as the pathway leading from the lake up to the roadside is a tiny tiny hill but it really wasn’t that bad. Thankfully we were on our walk break for most of it. 🙂

Wednesday started out for me as a bit of a bad day. I just couldn’t get myself in a good mood so I left the office mid morning and went home. My job requires me to deal with people and well with the passing of LeBut I just wasn’t into it. Anyhow after napping and visiting with my other puppy, Xena I was in a much better frame of mind when it came time to meet up with my running group. Upon arriving at the store I found out tickets for the movie “Spirit of a Marathon” were sold out. Ack, I had really wanted to go. Luckily someone showed up with a spare ticket so I headed out with my gang to get the run over with. I would be cutting it tight to make the theatre on time.

We had a great run and a short wrap up stretching session after. I hopped into my car and b-lined it to the theatre. The movie was awesome! It almost made me want to start training for another one.

The day it snowed and snowed and snowed. Yuck. Enough said.

Wait let me back up a bit. Saturday night I went to bed early. Sore throat and stuffy nose, oh no! I woke up feeling pretty much the same way and pulled my groggy self out of bed. Hmmm this may not be a good day to run. It was already +4C so at least the weather was good. I put on capris, made our protien shakes and got myself ready.

As always we were the first to arrive at the store. Seems most of the runners like to show up just before it’s time to head out as by the time 8:30am rolls around the place is packed. Donna announced the groups/runs heading out and we headed off. Our group did the same run as earlier in the week with one minor change. I had the lead group add in an extra piece just to keep them moving and not always having to loop back for the rest of us. That seemed to work well. The beginner group I run with is all women and we get along great. I hear jokes and laughter as we go. Sometimes I say “I hear laughter, whose not running hard enough?” and they laugh even more. I think they know I’m kidding. Later I yelled “oops, forgot to mention, I brought the camera today…lol!” The pics were a tad blurry but here ya go.

After we finished and wrapped things up with the usual cool down, I said my goodbyes to the ladies and opted to head out for an extra loop around the pond. Our runs are only an ave of 3km and well I have a 5k race at the end of the month so I need to do a tad longer run on my Sundays. The extra loop would give me about 4k. I high 5’d the intermediate group as I headed out. They were just wrapping up. I continued with sets of 2/1 for my extra loop but pushed it hard on the run sets. The instructor of the “Personal Best” group passed me at one point and I briefly tried to keep up with him. I think I lasted maybe 30 seconds at a blistering 4:33/km pace. Thankfully that was near the end of my loop as it nearly did me in…lol. It did feel good though. I ran that last km in 8:06 which included a walk break. That’s a pretty damn good pace for me.

I headed into the store after doing some stretches to wait for hubby. Oh yeah, the guy who said he was retiring is still running, lol. Today he ran 8kms. I really think he should do a 10k race soon and when we chatted about it later over coffees at Tim Horton’s he’s thinking about it. Some of the others kind of coaxed him so if he’s got the weekend off for one of the upcoming races he may sign up at the last minute….wooohooo.

I went home and despite it being a gorgeous day, I spent it in bed. After having some soup and toast I decided to see if I could sleep this cold away. I don’t want it to become full blown and have to miss any work or any of my runs with the group.

Well that’s it for another week. By the way thanks to all of you for your comments about LeBut. he was a great dog & friend. Your comments, hugs, etc were greatly appreciated.