LUTW – Race Report

Yesterday was the Light up the World – Relay Race. Its an excellent event and raises money towards a great cause – read more at This was my second time doing this event and I had a lot of fun doing it with Karen last year. However, as I mentioned before she had been sidelined due to her knee injury. Philippa agreed to run the 10k leg for me in Karen’s place.

For a change I had the truck so drove over to the meeting place early, parked and then walked to the race start. There were a few people milling about and it wasn’t long before the kids headed out on their little loop. The it was time for race instructions and the 10k gang was off & running.

Us 2nd leggers waited around watching the time to see when our partners would show up. Some of us made last minute trips to the washrooms, some hydrate, others jogged or warmed up. The blessing was a little late for the 10k guys & gals but the 5k gang got blessed for luck. Didn’t understand a work he said but someone next to me thought he kept referring to the giant gopher holes.

The first 10k male came in at 37 some odd minutes – WOW! Ya blinked and his partner was gone. I anxiously waited for Philippa, not really sure when she would be in. Someone passed on a message about a 10k racer injured – sprained ankle out on the course. Immediately everyone is going “is it my person?” Thankfully it wasn’t mine, I would have felt really bad as she is recovering from a broken ankle a year ago and it has been a long road to restrengthening her ankle.

Collage 1 - start, 10 and waiting

One by one the runners came in, occasionally 2 or 3 at a time. At just past the 50 minute mark, Philippa appeared on the horizon. Wooohooooooooooooo! My turn! We tagged off and away I went. I was excited. Last year I was the last one to leave for the 5k stretch and spent the whole course alone. This year I was somewhere just past “midpack” and still several waiting when I left. I had close to a 20 minute lead over last years time. It seemed strange to have people passing me as I ran along avoiding the giant sized gopher holes.

An older lady (found out later she was 72), Delores, jogged past me with her partner in tow. He had finished the 10k and was keeping her company for the 5k leg. I think he may have been about the same age, but really don’t know. Today was a training run for him. He is running the Victoria Marathon in the fall for the 11th time. Wow! I guess I really shouldn’t feel bad that I was only able to stay with them for a km or so before I decided to try and save some strenght. They did remain in site but meters away.

It was hot but there was a nice breeze blowing that supplied a cooling effect. However when one turned into it, it also took a toll on the little speed I had. I rounded the last corner and headed down the last downhill leading to of course the last uphill. Delores was just ahead and I almost caught her on the hill. Actually as we crested the hill I was even beside her. But saddly I left way too much of me on the hill and had to take a breather. To heck with it, let her go, I would claim the fame to Last Place yet again. I knew this of course since after I crossed the line they took down the clock…lol.

Interesting stat – Philippa finished her 10k loop in just over 50 minutes. Me, well I finished the 5k in a little over 50 minutes. But I finished and ya know that’s all that ever counts. Maybe between now and next year I can knock that down a few minutes.

Race done, we headed back to the hall where Karen headed off to garage sales and Philippa & I got some post race food. There was some traditional entertainment and great prizes. I scored – won 8 pairs of running socks. Since there’s only 7 days in a week, I gave a pair to Phillipa.

The End