Lost Keys and Other Stuff

September was a bust in so many ways. I lost track of tracking my steps. Oops I accidently washed my pedometer. That doesn’t mean I did nothing, I just don’t have record of a number of days. Now I did manage to start October on a good note. Last weekend I did not just one but two races.

On Friday I ran the 5k EMS Ambulance Chaser event and then on Saturday I did the CRR River Park XC 4k. I’ll tell you more about them in another post. Monday was one of those days where if something could go wrong well it did but at least there was a happy ending.

2013Oct-NewPurse 004I did my usual when I have an appointment downtown, I parked my car and took the C-Train. I did a little shopping downtown. I found this awesome bag at Winners. Of course it was pink and the cool thing is it is 3 bags in one. There’s the big main bag with lots of zippered areas and shoulder straps plus hand straps. Then there was also two smaller bags for a variety of uses and all for under $30. I bought that and a couple of other things. I juggled the new stuff around between my new bag and the small backpack I had with me and headed off to my 2pm meeting.

It started to get warm so as I walked to my meeting I removed my sweater. In doing so my keys which oops were only attached to my backpack by a fob fell off. This went unnoticed by me as I was listening to my iPod. In fact I never noticed them missing at my meeting, nor when I boarded the C-Train to head home. I chatted with a friend on the train and after he got off at his stop my stop was just a couple away so I started to look for my keys. Crap!!! Where were they. I went through my backpack. I empty every pouch and pulled everything out. I did the same with my new bag. No luck!!! Crap!!! I did this at least three times, tears now streaming down my face. What am I going to do!?!?!?! And here I thought I was having a great Monday. So much for that.

I stayed on the train at my stop as at that point it reverses and heads back downtown. I needed to reverse/retrace my steps. In the meantime I made to calls. I called the office where my meeting had been held. They checked, nothing, CRAP!!! I called Winners, they checked, nothing. CRAP!!! I went through my bag again, still crying. A gentlemen near by saw my tears and asked what was wrong. I explained. He said “this may seem strange but I was a pastor, let me tell you a story…” He went on to tell me how he had lost some important papers. That he had prayed and later the papers were found. He was very sweet about it. I thanked him as he got off the train.

Downtown I got of the train and rewalked the same route I had taken earlier. I went into winners and followed the same route around the store, I looked under racks and shelves in case someone had kicked them underneath something. I checked with security and customer services. Still no luck. Still crying, still worried and not sure what to do. I remembered the conversation on the train and while not my usual style, yes I do believe in God, but I don’t go to church. So to myself I began saying a few prayers amongst the tears. People must have thought I was a weird lady…lol.

I got back on the train and then left it again at the stop where I walked to my meeting. I remembered where I took my sweater off and had a feeling that’s where they might be. I tried the office door, it was locked. By now it was just after 5pm, I looked around the side and found a couple of people smoking. I asked “This may seem weird but did anyone turn any keys in?” One of them replied “Yes, actually I have an email about someone finding some keys”. OMG OMG, they had to be my keys. She forwarded the email to my Gmail account and gave me the number to call. I called the number, it was the after hours number so I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get them that day. I emailed the person who found them. It took what seemed forever but I got a call back and YES, he had my keys.

The man was kind enough to return, get my keys and I wish I could have done more then say thank you a hundred times. I had my keys, yeah, I could now go home, yeah! The thoughts of someone figuring out whose keys they were, stealing my car or breaking into my house left my brain. The tears disappeared and I went home. Monday did end on a much better and happier note. Oh one more person to thank…THANK YOU GOD!!!