Leaving on a Jet Plane (Friday Dec 3rd)

It was an early morning. 5:30ish I was up and showered. I dressed in the outfit I layed out the night before. I opted for comfortable casual wearing my sports bra just incase security got carried away with their pat down. Skipped breakfast, had planned to eat at the airport but that never happened. Hubby drove myself and Richard there. We got to the Airport about 6:30 and were check in and all the way past security by just after 7am. The line up had seemed long but moved fast and wow, no pat down, no scan. Yeah! However, I think Richard was disappointed.

Ran into some other Team Tri Life members as we headed for our gate. Ally and Jerry were waiting for a plane to San Francisco. They were heading there to run a marathon. Their plane had been delayed and they were flying out of our gate so we got bumped to another gate which inturn delayed us by about 45 minutes. Finally we were off. There were a number of runners on the plane. I overheard a few conversations and picked up a couple of tips “finish with style” and “drink at the aid stations”. I was feeling a bit hungry so I ate my Bits & Bites as well as Richard’s.

Watching TV made me hungrier as I watched some cooking show but heh, I got a great recipe for soup, salad and an apple tart. I did a few Sudoku puzzles but they made me drowsy. Finally around 11ish we landed. Our luggage didn’t take long. We headed for the hotel via shuttle. More runners on the shuttle, I ran into the one lady we chatted with again on Sunday after the race.

Our reservations were for the Luxor. When we arrived my friend’s parents were already there to greet us. Cool. We got checked in and settled in the room then headed for the Expo. Always a good idea to go to the Expo on Friday when you can. Richard’s Mom & John had a truck so we drove there. The streets were a buzz with excitement so I decided after the Expo I would walk back, I mean it wasn’t that far, what could it hurt. That is a whole different story…lol.

We picked up our race packages and Richard debated if corral 13 was okay for him or should he move up. I was in corral 17 but joked it would be cool to start at the same time and the volunteer said “no problem”. Next thing I know I’ve got a green tag with 13 on my bib. Cool! This shirts are really nice – black with a cool logo. I wandered the expo and bought a few more things. I ran into others from Calgary as well. The expo seemed smaller this year but it could just be me. I found the XS booth and got my braclet for entry into Sunday Night’s party. Pretty much done I headed out for my meander back to the hotel.

I still needed to eat but didn’t know what I wanted. I also wanted a margarita but wasn’t going to drink until I ate. I should have paid better attention to my meandering and the time I was spending on my feet. I walked for way too long and somehow managed to get lost when I went into the mall near the Planet Hollywood Hotel. I somehow ended up a few blocks off the strip. Thankfully I recognized the MGM and found my way back to the strip easily. Still no luck in eating or drinking for that matter. Fine, I headed to Dick’s, this crazy bar I went to last year that I knew had good food and ummm interesting service. I settled for a “Big Ass Burger”, yes that’s what it’s called, a salad (no fries) and a large Long Island Tea. The waiter remembered me from last year and gave me a large “Lemon Drop” shot. Now that was yummy.

Feeling tired I decided perhaps it was time to head back to the room even though it was still early, somewhere around 6:30pm. The shuttle let me off at a different entrance then I had used to leave so I wasn’t sure where to find the west tower. I got lost at least twice before a nice desk clerk gave me a map with the way home. It had taken me an hour to find my room. I had been on my feet way too long and was exhausted. I quickly laid out my clothing for the next morning and crashed. Funny here I was in Vegas but yet I was in bed and going to sleep at 7:30pm. Heck most were just getting ready to go out.

Well that’s it for Friday. Up next Saturday.

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