Kid’s Marathon – Race Report

I’m a little behind in a my postings and way behind in my housework. It’s been too hot to do almost everything around here but that’s the topic of another post.

Last Sunday while I was volunteering for the Calgary Marathon, my grandaughter was doing her 4th Kid’s Marathon. It’s such a cool event. The kids get several weeks to do 25.2 miles and on race day they run their last mile. Now I’m told the mile is a little short but heh, who cares.

Nikayla will be 6 in August and this is her 4th time out for the race. The first year the crowd at the finish line scared her and she layed down near the finish so it was over 30 minutes before she was done. The second year she finish in just over 15 minutes as she had to take a break and sit on the curb half way through…what a kid. Last year she was a speed demon and finish in 7:34. Wish I could do that!

This year she was both excited and nervous. As she stood at the start line she had this serious look on her face. We finally got her to admit she was worried that we might be disappointed if she didn’t win or beat her last year time. We did our best to let her know that we’d still love her no matter how she did.

This year they changed things up a bit. Like last year the course was in a separate area from the marathon. It was also a closed course so parents can feel comfortable letting their older kids run the distance on their own. Nikayla had run it on her own last year. The change was to split the kids into 3 age groups to avoid trampling by the bigger kids. The 9 and over went out first. Next it was the 6-8. Nikayla’s group was the 3-5 and finally it was the 0-2. They headed out about 2 minutes apart for the staggered start.

Nikayla ran her little heart out and did amazingly well setting yet another PR of 7:12. I surveyed the results list and found she finished 3rd in her age group…way to go Kid! I’m a very proud granny, I even featured her photos in my article for last week.