Keith Urban times Two

Keith Urban is such a hottie/stud muffin that my girlfriend and I couldn’t resist going both nights he was here (Friday Sept 18th & Saturday Sept 19th). We had decent seats on Friday so I took my camera and got some great photos/videos. We left tired and happy. keith

Saturday I headed off to the Softball diamond to watch our team play in CCC. We won both our games but lost on a technicality, someone used an illegal bat so we had to forfeit our games. Bummer! Oh well Nikayla and I still had fun cheering on the team as well as giving away swag to kids and adults alike.

That night we as in my friend Dianne and this time hubby joined us went once again to watch Keith. Silly me decided since I took photos the night before to leave my camera at home. The seats we had on Saturday were so much better the photos would not have been great they would have been amazing. He also at least in our opinion but on a better show Saturday. My rocker hubby even enjoyed it so much he immediately, okay on Sunday started trying to learn some of Keith’s tunes. Did I mention my hubby plays guitar but mostly the real heavy metal stuff.

Sorry I haven’t added any photos to flickr yet for Keith but I will soon and will add the link then.