Ironman Florida – Bike & Run

As promised here’s the rest of the photos from the Ironman on Nov 4th. After the swim, they head into a transition area where some of them change, some of them don’t. They also hit the port-a-pottis and maybe grab food, water etc. Lower right is Buttercup waiting for Nancinator and I think that might be her heading out on the lower left.

After Nancy headed out the volunteer and cheering gang went to the local breakfast buffet. It was pretty yummy. We sat in there for quite a bit chatting. We had a lot to catch up on since we don’t get to see each other very often. Left to right we have Holly, Linae, Shawn(back a bit) Me (in Pink of course) and Dianne (my partner in crime).

Then it was back to the hard work of cheering on the athletes. Oh yeah we also took time somewhere in there to hang up some signs to cheer on our friends and do a little more shopping in one of the nearby tents. By then some of the fast guys had already finished the bike ride so we watched them for a bit.

Then it was time for another break. Now I might have some of this stuff out of order, but close enough. We headed into a place along the ocean that we nicknamed “The Tiki Bar”. We had drinks and Linae got us some yummy crab balls. Us Canadians had never tried them.

Back to cheering on the athletes. I was holding a sign that said “Go Nancy” on one side and “Go Ellie” on the other. The guy next to me asked if it was for Nancy T and it turned out he was there cheering on his wife, Trimama. That’s her finishing up on the bike, top left. Top right are some of the signs we made. Just below are the pics of Ellie as she finishes on her bike then at the bottom as she heads off on her run. Oh yeah, some poor guy wiped on as he tried to stop his bike. Dang clipons.

After watching Ellie run off, we walked back to the other side to wait for Nancy. I snapped a few other interesting shots as we waited. Nancy arrived, lower right shows her riding in and just below that is Nancy running off.

Not sure exactly when, but somewhere after that Linae and Shawn headed off to do their volunteer stuff. Dianne decided to head back to the hotel for a bit. But me, well, I just didn’t want to miss anything so I stayed and watch the ummm scenery. 🙂

I got some shots of Linae, Shawn and Kathy (another friend) as they helped out in the finish area. As an Ironman finished the catchers walked them through the area. Shawn & Linae got to wrap them in the foil blankys. Kathy was doing medical and often checked to see that the finishers were not suffering from dehydration, etc. Some of those that finished looked great and some looked like they had seen better days.

I had seen Bolder go by just before the 12 hour mark. Silly me had put my camera away just before that so I missed the shot, dang it! I went looking for him but at first had no luck so instead I went to the bathroom. As I was walking out I saw this guy in the corner and wondered, could it be. I leaned over to ask him his race number but before I could finish my sentence he goes “Are you Dawn?”. Gee I wonder what gave me away. Was it my smile or that I was like wearing everything pink…lol. 😉

Despite being worn out he insisted on standing for a hug. I also got a pic of him & Roman of Race Athlete.

Then it was back to cheering on more athletes. Somewhere in there Dianne returned. Holly, Shawn & Linae also finished up their volunteer stuff. We all stood down at the last turn before the finish line waiting for Ellie. Steve, her hubby had said she should be along soon. Hopefully that was true cause even I was starting to feel chilly. Finally we spotted Ellie. She ran up pulling off her top shirt, grabbed a brush, fixed her hair then headed for the finish line. What a woman! That’s her in the top right photo, below.

It was a long day. I would love to have stayed and watch the final finishers but some of the gang wanted to eat. I was too tired and a tiny bit hungry so decided to join them. My feet were killing me. I’m pretty sure my runners were still full of sand from the run on the beach the day before. After standing for nearly 17 hours I could feel every sand crystal. We headed to Hooters but they were closing. Some guys with way too much beer on their table asked us to join them but we declined and laughed as we headed out the door.

We headed back to the room which was right next door. Dianne opted to join the rest of the girls at the Waffle House. I opted to get off my feet and relax doing Sudoku puzzles.

That’s it for Ironman Florida, race day. I still have a few more tales to tell and pictures to post but yes, you will have to wait another day for those. I’m tired. Its been a long day. I had a trail race earlier today, yes I will write about it soon as well. For now I will say that I did the 8k route rather then my usual 4k wimp out…wooohoooo. Not a fast time but I’m happy to have finished.

So what have the rest of you been up to? Tomorrow I will finish my posts and hopefully be able to do some reading so I can answer that question myself. 🙂