IM 70.3 Calgary – Volunteer Report

Ok, I’ve backdated this one to Aug 1st. The Viterra IM 70.3 Calgary took place on July 31st. My role as volunteer coordinator begins earlier in the year. I monitor the database, making changes, etc as requested by the rest of the committee. I tweet and pretty much beg for volunteers to sign up where ever I can. Getting enough volunteers is always a push right up to race day. It’s often a struggle but by race day we somehow manage to find all the awesome volunteers we need.

Before I get going too far on this report, I want to send a big thanks to all the awesome volunteers who helped on race day and the days leading up to the event. Without your help this year’s IM 70.3 would not have been the success it was.

For me, most of my work is done as of Saturday afternoon and on race day I get to help out where ever I am needed. This year however I added looking after the VIP area to my duties so when the expo finished on Saturday my day was not done. Instead I rounded up food and supplies needed for Sunday’s VIP area. The toughest part was attempting to make room for it all in my fridge…lol.

Sunday I was up early to load all my purchases and such into my car. I made it to T2 site by 7ish. I had planned to help Holly in T2 as well but the work setting up the VIP area proved to be more then I thought it would be. Around 8 AM my two volunteer helpers, Carla and Jenn arrived to help out. We set up a pretty nice spread to feed the pro athletes, sponsors, families and other VIPs. I had gotten some advice from Carla as to things that might go over well, she’s done Ironman.

We had an awesome day watching athletes head out on the run as well as finish the event. With Carla and Jen looking after the VIP area I was able to wander around and get photos in the T2 area as well as the run. The link is at the bottom for my Flickr site.

Silly me, since I took so long to get around writing this report it’s hard to remember everything. I’m getting too old…lol. I will tell you that seeing the athletes finish from the first to the last, that it has rekindled my inspiration to do the event but more on that later.

The best way to see how the day went is to read the links below and look through my photos:
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