I Hate Summer Colds

I’ve been rather quiet since our trip to Seattle as I was slowly recovering from a nasty cold. It hit me hard enough I was delayed in returning to work until Aug 15th instead of the 11th. Even then it was all I could do to get my 8+ hours in.

It was a struggle getting up early every morning. I had registered my granddaughter for Y Day Camp so I had to pick her up every morning. We would then have breakfast at my office before I dropped her off at camp. Y Camp was just a few blocks from my office. At the end of the day I picked her up.

The only workouts I got in were the walks from the office to the Y and back, twice a day. I figure it was about 3k per day – pretty sad. Oh well my coach had said I could take it easy for August, but I don’t think that was quite what she meant.

On the Friday it was my day off but I spent most of it visiting the day camp with Nikayla and running some errands. I had last minute stuff to do before my trip to Penticton. Originally I had planned on helping out at the Spartan Event but with being sick and all I had neither the time nor the energy.

Thursday I got my hair done. Hubby gave me a hard time teasing me that I did it as I was meeting a man in Penticton. Sorry honey, I’m not meeting just one…lol. No worries babe, you know I’m just a harmless flirt.

Thankfully by Friday I was actually starting to feel human. Good thing, lots to do and so little time left. I spent Saturday doing the rest of my errands, making phone calls, sending emails and oh yeah packing. Had to get it all done cause well Sunday I would have little or no time and I was planning to be on the road by noon on Monday. See next post for Sunday…..