Hubby Wrote me a Song…

Now keep in mind he’s a big heavy metal fan and for the most part that’s the style he tends to play. Oh yeah, he also wrote a heavy metal riff to go with it as well and when I say heavy I mean I did also catch him playing some blues when I got home this evening. He’s starting to sound pretty good.
Rockstar & Pink Devil Runner

The Pink Devil runner

Look out behind ya cause the Devil runner is cumin
bringing up the rear issuing you a summon
you be challenged to a race next year
because she’ ll be running in high gear

with fiery determination in her eyes
she’s not looking for long good byes’
full steam ahead
she’s the runner that you dread

the pink devil runner is creating a storm
wherever she runs its not the norm
late into the night
beware of the fright
oh watch out for the devil pink runner

Now you may think the devil runner
is just a another evil gunner
but she doesn’t even dress in red
cause then people will think she is dead

pink is the color of this devil
the color of this devil rebel
when you see her
she will make you stir

up to the finish line she nears
while all her victims are drinking beers
rain snow hail wont stop her now
when it comes to running she really knows how

crossing the line in time
your life doesn’t cost a dime
when she finish
you will all diminish
the pink devil runner lives to run again!