Frostbite Falls

Okay this month’s challenge is a trip to Frostbite Falls. I can hardly wait to get there and soak in the hot tub. Like Karen, I suspect the trip will be a little over 100kms (60 miles) away by foot but like last year I may look for a short cut near the end of the month. I’ve decided to travel light and I’m having Little Penguin Wines ship a couple of cases of wine – one red/one white to arrive when I do. If it gets there before me, save me a bottle of the white eh. I’ll pack up some different cheeses to bring along as well to go with the wine.

I’m hoping Jon will be there with some of his wonderful chocolate. Heh, Mark, maybe you and Aaron can give us a demo of Pose running too. Now that would be cool. You guys are coming, right? I’m pretty sure Jack is making the trip and I think even Flatman is heading there. Wait, can’t forget Nancy and Tri-Mama (she’s bring Chili), they’ll be there too. Looks like Frostbite Falls is the place for all RBFers to be at the end of January, so are you coming?

I’m not heading out until Monday or Tuesday. I need today to rest up, clean up, take down xmas stuff (already got the lights down as you can see) and pack up. Silly me I stayed up until 4am. Hubby fell asleep after the movies and I was still wide awake so I sat at my PC and read tons of posts. The good news, I am half way there to catching up. I read like 200 posts but don’t ask me to remember who said what…lol. If I haven’t made it to your place, I’m sure I will today.

Oh what movies? The Marksman – with Wesley Snipes. Not his best movie, but not bad. I’ll give it a 6 out of 10 and that’s only because I like Wesley Snipes. The other one was Dark Water – not really a horror but has a ghost in it. That haunts this apt a mother/daughter move into during a bitter divorce. The ending is really sad. I hate sad endings.

Hope no one out there is suffering too bad from over indulging last night. Happy New Year!!!