Frostbite Falls Update/Rundown

So this month’s challenge was an imaginery run to Frostbite Falls. You set the distance and the activity to get you there. Post about it all month and of course bring a treat to share with your friends when you get there.

So who’s there and who’s still coming?

Already there:
Linda actually got there early, arriving on the 23rd. Funny she apparently ran right by. Had to turn around and run back. I hope she’s enjoying some R & R in the hot tub.

Nancy arrived on the 26th. She swam the whole way to the falls. Great job Nancy. I hope there’s still some crab cakes left.

Many of my penguin friends from my online list pages have also arrived. The food they’ve brought should provide quite a feast for all those who have arrived and the few still finishing off their last few miles. Rumor has it there’s some tasty wings and ice cold beer. Better still be some for me when I get there. I’m famished.

Still to come:
Karen and I were late starting. Karen due to a cold and me to a back ache. Last I heard Karen was getting close but she might be looking for the shortcut. Hopefully she spots the pink ribbon I tied around that pine tree and hopefully she goes left not right or she’ll be taking an extra long route. I should be there shortly. Thank goodness for the bikes I found and the warm lake swims.

Jon is still on his was as far as I know. Hopefully we arrive somewhere around the same time. If he gets there before me, I’m sure the truffles will be gone in mere seconds. I also hope he remembered to where something bright as there are sometimes hunters in the woods on the way to the falls.

John headed out in early January but I’m not sure how far along he is as he’s posted no updates recently. HEH JOHN! Where are you? Send up a flare if you need us to send out a search party. CORRECTION: I just heard from John. He’s arrived. Yeah, John he’s not lost after all. I also bet you are all wondering how the heck I know all this when I’m out in the middle of nowhere. Isn’t technology great – laptop with satellite card. I can still keep up with my friends no matter where I am. Now if I could only run as fast….. *sigh* 🙂

*Jeanne* sent an email saying she’d be there soon. Racing her way there she’s managed some 58.3 miles but still has a ways to go. (this is the one with the great photo log)

Jack, our buddy from Germany is on his way somewhere. With all the miles he’s been logging this month I’d lay odds he’s probably there or accidently run past the falls. Heh, Jack take a left at the Pink ribbon.

Jank is also out there somewhere. He commented at the beginning of the challenge his trip would be about 80 miles. So I bet he will be arriving any minute. Not sure if he’ll be running or on his bike.

From the Tri gang, Tri-mama is also somewhere in the woods making her way here. Might have been her I saw swimming in the lake. Nice stong swimmer. Maybe she can give me some lessons when she gets here.

Heh, Ellie! Are you there yet? I know you’ve had working out really hard, but feeling a little flu like lately. Surely you’re almost there. Did you bring your cutoffs?

Adam of TriEndorphins, is planning to meet up with his pals Nancy and Tri-mama at the falls. Like Nancy he is swimming is way there. He said something about being there by the 20th and doing some fishing. I hope he’s arrived. I love a good fish fry.

Ann mentioned in a comment on Karen’s blog that she too was heading to Frostbite Falls, but I haven’t a clue if she’s there or somewhere lost in the woods.

Last update on Wobbly Man’s page puts him 2kms from the falls. He’s closer than me I still have just under 5 km.

Finally in an email from a friend some things we should remember as the challenge for the month ends…

First, if you find that the journey has been a bit longer than you anticipated, feel free to arrive on January 32nd, 33rd, 34th or 35th. Or, on the last date of the month take a short cut and arrive with the rest of the pack. One of the forces behind a “challenge” like this is to have some fun.

Second, remember that this exercise was JUST a goal. Goals can be adjusted . . . in fact, they have to be adjusted or they become like a ball and chain in your life. You definitely don’t want to run with that extra weight. If you found that your goal for this month was a bit too ambitious . . . you’ve learned something important. Don’t beat yourself up . . . just adjust the goal for the next time period.

Third, you learned something this month from your effort. Make sure you remember it. Right it in your journal or even on a card and stick it on your desk. Use this as a motivator for the rest of 2006.

Fourth, we always have some “back of the pack” runners who are having a bit of trouble getting in. You who finish early make sure you keep posting and encouraging all those who are still on their way.

Lastly , we have TONS of food from all over the world, but please . . . make sure you help us clean up afterwards. We’ll be leaving after the party, but Rocky, Bullwinkle and the rest of the gang have to live here year round!

Hope everyone had a wonderful January and if I missed adding you to this update/rundown, let me know. I will do an edit to add you. February Challenge coming soon to a website near you. 🙂

As Promised, a few more updates:
From the OTHER Jeanne (the one withOUT the asterisks! ) who is on her way! I have a few thousand detours to go thru yet… ” Sorry for the confusion ladies. 🙂

Russ (thanks for letting me know) has also arrived. “My only goal for this month was to get through the month still getting better and if I was lucky… to actually run some miles, lets see… approx. 60 miles total and about 10 running, hmmm… guess I made it! I’ve got perogies for everyone!”