From the North to the South

Sometimes squeezing in a long run during your daily errands is the only way to get it done. Today was my day off. Now some would likely spend their day off being a couch potato. Not me, although I have been known to do so. Some spend it doing the errands that never get done during the week. Then some like me do the errands and work in a nearly 17km LSD. So how did I do this?

Well first off I was up at 8am, showered and made sure I ate a decent breakfast. Then I tried to figure out how many layers I needed for -10C long run and include something to warm up afer I was done. I also had to make sure I had the paperwork for my Dr appt and for my BodyPrint appt later in the day. Along with all that I had to have water, recovery drink and something to eat. After all I was planning to run between 14 and 16kms.

I headed out about 9:40 and ran just shy of a km to get to the Dr. This was our first meeting. My previous Dr had moved to a new clinic too far from where I live. This new one seemed great except half way through our chat I find out she is changing clinics at the end of the month. Oh well she will be around long enough for my annual so I will get my blood work done and take care of that. Then I should be good for a bit so I can yet again try to find a new Dr. Finding a Dr in this city is extremely difficult.

After my Dr appt (about 10:30) I headed out to continue my run. I would be heading from the far north to the south. Mr V was reset and ready to “Rock n Roll”. Off we went. The run started with a nice downhill but then it went back, way back uphill again. It was a tough uphill, but heh, I ran it all. I was heading south to downtown. The first goal, make it to Gord’s Running Store. I ran sets of 10run/walk1. Somewhere along about the 1 hour mark I saw a lady struggling to move a double size box spring off the top of her car. She was alone. I offered to help her carry it inside and stopped Mr V for a few minutes while I did my good deed for the day. She was pretty happy for my help.

Mr V started again and I was back to running. For the most part it was 10/1 but there was one spot I did 21/1, missing a walk break didn’t seem to be a problem. After the one hour mark I continued running and didn’t take my next walk break until 1:10:00 which would make it easier to watch for the breaks as I hadn’t set my interval timer. So that meant about a 15 minute run. No biggy. I made it to Gord’s just shy of the 10km mark. I stopped long enough to chat briefly with a friend, have a potty break and do a quick bit of retail therapy. I bought some new socks, some sport jelly beans and a strawberry/banana gel. I ate the gel and drank two quick glasses of water. I put the jelly beans in my back pocket and pinned the socks inside my arm warmers that were currently pinned to my fuel belt for later warmth. Then I was off and running again. I wanted to add a few more kms before heading south via C-train fo rmy next appt.

I ran downhill to the Curling Club. On the downhill I spotted a lady running hard uphill and was really impressed with her effort. Then I realized I knew her from my XC races. She said hi as did the next half dozen runners or so who all knew me as well. Some I knew others I’m like wow, is there anyone in this town that doesn’t know me?…lol. I headed along the north side of the river, periodically checking the time and distance. I needed to be on the train heading south by about 1:30 to 1:40 to make my 2:30 appt with Tyler. Somehow I managed to run all the way to 14th Ave and then crossed the bridge to the south side of the river. I was making good time and continued on past the 10th Street bridge and took the slightly longer path along the river’s edge to add a little distance. At about the 14.5 km mark I reset Mr V for fear I would loose him amongst the taller buildings as I headed into the city center to catch the C-train.

Mr V behaved and recorded another .7km before I relaxed and waited for the train. It arrived about 2 minutes later. I headed south at 1:41, nearly perfect timing. It was about a 30 minute ride to my station in the south. Once off the train, I again reset Mr V and jogged off to my appt. I wasn’t exactly sure where to go but found the place with no problem. The distance from the train to BodyPrint was just shy of .8km. I had a great appt with Tyler talking about nutrition and training. Yup, I’ve signed up and hopefully this will make a difference not only in my size/shape but my running performance. If great training has made the difference it has so far, think of the difference loosing 50 or more pounds will make! Heh, cool for signing up I got a free 1gb Ipod Shuffle. Now I just have to load the thing with tunes. I think I will load that one with real fast stuff for my short, faster runs and keep my 1.5gb MP3 player with a mix of stuff for longer runs.

Anyhow after my appt I took a nice walk back to the C-train and headed towards home. It was a long day, but a very worthwhile and productive day. All totalled I managed 16.88km of running and another 1k of walking. My pace was also right on track with my last LSD. Today was 9:44 and the last shorter LSD was 9:42. Another LSD in my marathon bank. So how was your week? Did you get your training in?