Forgot my Wings…

You know that old expression “don’t leave home without it”? Who knew that would refer to my “Fairy Wings”. Okay, so your next question is likely what on earth do I need wings for. Well last night the local Running Room held a “Spooky Sprint” – dress up and cool prizes for the 3 best costumes. Hmmm maybe I could finally be first at something…lol.

I had picked up Nikayla from the daycare after work as she was gonna come for the fun as well. We got home with barely enough time to dress up two spooky gals. Well scratch the spooky bit as we went with fun costumes. I dressed Nikayla up as an angel, very much in character for her. Mom had supplied the turtleneck and tights over which I threw one of my oversized tshirts. I then belted her shirt with a gold chain, added wings, halo and white face paint. Presto, one sweet little angel.

I checked my watch, oops too much time on Nikayla and only 15 minutes left to turn me into “Pink Barbie Fairytopia”. Heh, what else would “Pink Chick” wear…lol. I quickly put on my pink tech shirt, pink tights, added my “tutu” belt decked with flowers, fabric & ribbon. Hmmm not much time for a fancy face painting job I settled for some glowing glitter and pink eye shadow. I added the pink wig and would put on my pink glowing antenna at the store. We raced out of the house making it to the store just after 6pm. I adjusted Nikayla’s wings after we got out of the car and realized mine were still at home hanging on the bedroom door. Isn’t that were all fairies keep there wings? 🙂

Oh well, I would be a wingless fairy. At least I had my magic wand. I had made the wand earlier in the day. Couldn’t find one at any of the local stores so I used pink duct tape to transform cardboard and a stick into a magical pink wand. Too bad it wasn’t magical enough to make my wings appear…lol.

Only a handful of runners showed up in costume. There were however lots of kids that showed up for the kids run. Just before we headed out they held the costume judging. Dressed up runners were chosen as winners by the number of cheers. Thankfully no “Boos”. I took 1st place…wooohooo! For that I got a netted tote bag, a metal water bottle (Brooks), a towel (Polar), one of John Stanton’s running books, and a Powerbar. Cool prize! Now to go running.

Since I couldn’t fly, I opted to walk and help with the kids run. Speaking of flying, that’s pretty much what Nikayla did. She spread those angel wings of hers and was finished the out & back course for the kids run before I’d even walked half the distance.

The kids each got stickers and a bunch of other goodies. Nikayla and I then went to Quiznos for a couple of small subs. All in all it was a pretty fun evening for the angel and the wingless fairy.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great Halloween on Friday. So just what are you or your family members dressing up as?