Flyer Girl

Saturday was a busy one. I was up early to putter around on my computer and then headed over to the Running Room for 9:45 to meet with with the “Women’s Only” running group to hear their chat but I had no plans to run with them as I had flyers to deliver.

The HSBC Calgary Marathon is July 6th and we still need volunteers. So as I do every year Nikayla and I set out about noonish to deliver flyers along Memorial drive from the Curling Club to Crowchild. We drove down and parked the car a couple of blocks over near 19th Ave. Then we walked several blocks handing out the flyers. We moved the car again and repeated the process until the complete route was done. It took us just over 3:30 hours and over 8kms by the time we were done. That includes distances up & down walkways as well as walking back to the car. I wore my garmin cause I’m a geek and like to know these things. The garmin was only going when we were walking, not during the driving…lol.

Near the end doing stairs was killing me so Nikayla did most of the houses with stairs. Acutually she was a lot of help and did a good majority of the houses, I just walked along giving her more flyers to stuff in mailboxes. I’m a good supervisor…lol and she loves doing it. I wish I had her energy. She never complained through the whole task and was still running even at the last few houses. What a kid. I however could barely stand.

We picked up a few things at the grocery store after and I needed the cart to hold me up…lol. At home I iced my knee which seemed to help but I’m still in a lot of pain. Sleeping Saturday night was easy for Nikayla, she fell asleep half way through this cheerleading movie we watched. I however tossed and turned all night trying to find a position to sleep in.

Sunday morning I was a tad depressed. I’m tired of a leg that does nothing but give me grief everytime I think it’s getting better. I don’t know what to do about my training, my running or the clinic I’m supposed to instruct at the end of July. I’m usually pretty positive but yesterday I just felt like giving up. Of course my size doesn’t help but well my luck with losing anything seems to suck and I’ve pretty much given up on that. I’ve lost the same 5 pounds so many times in the last two years that had it stayed off I’d probably weight 50 pounds…lol.

Four hours of sun probably didn’t help either as I suspect it may also be the reason I felt like crap on Sunday. No sunburn as I did have on sunscreen but it was super hot and even though we drank lots along the way in a lot of ways it was long a long half marathon without the distance. I think this is the last year I may volunteer to do flyer delivery. I’d of never made it as a paper boy…lol.

I am going to take the rest of the week off from running and I do have a physio appt later this week. By the way I do feel much better today and thanks to a few supportive emails from friends I’m not ready to How about you? You ever feel like quitting? If so, why and what snapped you out of it?