Fernie, Here I come

So Monday I got up, had breakfast then proceeded to try and cram all my stuff – suitcases, totes, etc & bike gear, into my car. Good thing I was travelling by myself cause well every seat was full by the time I was done. Of course had hubby been able to join me I would have adjusted things to make room for him.

Darren wasn’t the only one disappointed not to be going. Our dog, Xena, did not want to be left behind either. She leaped over the stuff on the front seat into the driver’s side and refused to get out of the car. “No way are you guys leaving me behind this time…lol”

Hubby loaned me his GPS, whew, no getting lost for me. He did however have to give me a few pointers on how to use it. I’d never used before and it worked pretty slick. I made it to Fernie with no problems.

It was just under a 3 1/2 hr drive to my parents place. I arrived in time to watch the Young and Restless with them, our favorite soap. After visiting with them I headed to my brother’s office. Did I mention I brother is a fireman?

After Tom finished work we took his son to hockey and went for dinner at the Curry Bowl. If you are ever in Fernie, you should check it out, the food was amazing. We spent the remainder of the evening chatting – me, Tom and his wife, Kim.