Farewell to our best friend, LeBut :-(

They say dog is man’s best friend and LeBut certainly was that for Darren and I. We first picked the little guy out 12 years ago this fall. He was like 3 weeks old and was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. He was too young for us to bring him home so they let us visit him a few times each week. I would lay back with him on my chest and stroke his little forehead with two fingers. Two fingers was about all that would fit. He was the runt of the litter and half the size of his brother.

Hubby is a big Montreal Canadiens fan and wanted to call him Habs. It just didn’t work for me but one night as he watched a game on the French channel I heard him yell “eh le but” okay so I don’t know if I’ve spelled it correctly. My French sucks but from there I suggested the name LeBut (pronounced LeBoo) and that’s how we came up with his name. No sometimes we did call him by a few other things. Little Nikayla had trouble with his name and he ended up with the nickname BooBoo. Of course, he would pretty much come to anything if a treat was involved.

He was always great for a laugh. Like the first time we had this huge dump of snow in Victoria. It never snows there and that year it snowed for several days. When Darren finally started to dig out the carport he had to do it in what almost looked like a staircase and that’s how LeBut used it. Yup, he climbed his way upper quicker then we could blink and was running around free taunting us as if he knew we couldn’t come after him. Trust me we tried and sank waist deep while he floated on the surface.

He was a pretty good trick dog. Darren taught him stuff like “shut the door”. Yup open the cupboard door and he would slam it shut on command. Darren’s Dad took him for a weekend when we went on a trip once. He had him in the kitchen and started to empty the dishwasher. As he opened the cupboard doors to put away stuff LeBut would slam them shut behind him and then sit in the middle of the floor waiting for a treat. What a dog!

He could also jump through a loop and give you a Hi-5. Oh yeah he also did the typical sit and shake a paw. Never could get him to roll over though. He even went to agility school and probably would have been great as one of the hot dogs you see on TV. He was a bit of a ham and loved the attention.

After moving here he quickly made friends with all the neighbor dogs. Our backyard has a chain link fence and all the dogs would visit him when walking along the path behind us. If he was inside and you said “Your friend’s here” he would bolt out the door and down the steps. They would run back and forth along the fence together. It was a hoot to watch.

His favorite neighborhood dog moved away so we opted to get a second dog to keep him company. Xena and LeBut made an interesting pair. They loved and fought just like they were brother and sister. They would torment, tease and play with each other. Xena was a bit hyper and LeBut became the layed back one.

Unfortunately LeBut took took sick about a week ago. We did take him to the vet and after several tests they suspect it was phnemonia but were never really sure. They gave hims some meds and he did appear to get better briefly but not for long. He lost his appetite and so it seemed his will to go on. It was sad to watch but we were pretty much helpless and really didn’t know what to do. On Monday I had to force feed him. He was really good about it and even let me clean up his face after. I had to trim away some excess fur and he didn’t fuss. Very unusual for him. I had groomed him myself since we brought him home but he never really like me doing his face. He looked so cute when his fur was trimmed. Anyhow that night when we went to bed he was breathing very heavy but he wasn’t wheezing like he had been for the last few days. I hoped it was a good sign. Before we went to sleep he climbed up between us for a short visit and then went back to the end of the bed. In the middle of the night he left our bed. We found him on the floor in the morning. I figure his visit to us in the night was to say goodbye. In the morning he appeared to be sleeping so hopefully he went peacefully.

It’s been a hard couple of days and I am thankful for the great friends I have and the comfort that Xena has given us in our grief. She too has been sad but very quiet and cuddly. Darren also wrote a tribute over on his blog. His is short and sweet, but I needed to remember the fun moments with LeBut and that’s how I will continue to remember him.