Family Night Out

So last night I had the little one as her Mom was working late. As it was “run” night over at the local Running Room I opted to drag her along with me for a run. Hubby joined us as well. Now I use the word joined us loosely as well I didn’t get to run with either one of them.

Trying yet again to rebuild I opted to run with the Learn to Run group. Mike, the new instructor has a large group and is a bit short on pacers for those at the back. Hubby opted to run with the faster 5k group and Janice who will be heading up that group starting next week. Now technically Nikayla was to run with me but well she’s just a tad faster. Okay, she’s a lot faster…lol.

We both headed out with the Learn to Run group but Nikayla lead the group and I brought up the rear. It was kind of cute to see a 7 year old leading the rest of us around the pond. And by leading I mean she was many meters in front of the fastest in the group. She did follow the same routine as the rest of us running for two minutes and walking for one. However, the speedy little devil did manage to do two laps of the pond in faster then I did less then one and a half times.

Nikayla ran 3km in about 21 minutes while 2.15km in 23 minutes. Told ya she was speedy. She also had to show off when it came to doing the stretch by sitting down in a total lotus position with no problem at all. *sigh* If only I could bottle her energy.

Nikayla and I waited for hubby in the store after. Darren returned after completing 6km. All in all it wasn’t a bad family night out.

Next run will be on Sunday. Myself, my daughter and the little one are entering a “family team” in the Confed Park XC relay. Now that should be a hoot. Have a great weekend everyone and keep on running, eh.