Errands & John Mellancamp Rocks Calgary

Friday was a busy day but thankfully I still had time to sleep in. I love my Friday’s off but sometimes I end up packing a whole lot to do into that one day off. Last Friday was no different but at least I was smart enough set up my appointments for later in the day so I could sleep in.

After I finally got up I caught a bus towards downtown. My first appointment was for 2pm and as I was a bit early I got off a few blocks from the meeting spot and walked for a bit. It was a beautiful warm day. My first stop was to meet with the new race director for the Calgary Marathon. We had a great meeting and discussed my role for the race in July. As usual I’ll be coordinating the volunteers but will help out anywhere I can come race week. After that I did a little retail therapy next door at Gord’s Running Store.

Next I walked downtown. I was going to head into the office for an hour or so but it was running late so instead I met with my friend, Leila for some dinner. After dinner again, I was on my feet as we walked to the Saddle Dome. Leila and I had tickets to see Tom Cochrane & John Mellancamp.

The concert rocked! We had floor seats, row 14. A good friend had given the tickets to us, way cool. Tom Cochrane put on a great show and even came back for an anchor, something I’ve never seen the first group do. During the intermission the security guy told us people were gonna move to in front of the stage and they weren’t gonna stop em. Hmmm so as soon as John hit the stage we b-lined to the front. We ended up within arm’s reach of John. There was no barricade between the stage and the crowd. It was so cool. John high-5’d the crowd and so much more. He even pulled a guy from the crowd to dance on the stage. Later he did a backwards dive into the crowd right beside where I was standing. Damn I wish I had brought my camera. A guy beside me took a few photos and said he would email them to me but I haven’t heard from him. Oh well, next time I’m taking my dang camera!

By the time the evening was over I had danced for a couple of hours and put bout 10k on walking here, there and everywhere.