Edworthy XC – Race Report

Yesterday was the day of the 3rd XC in our 10 race Grand Prix series put on by the Calgary Roadrunners. I headed out to pick up Carrie & Nikayla around 10:30 as usual. Good thing I always allow extra time cause yesterday my brain wasn’t working. Instead of taking the usual route to the race I took 14th and managed to get us lost. We went in circles three times in the downtown core before I figured out how to find Bow Trail and head west to Edworthy Park. That was even after I looked at the map each time I ended up going in the wrong direction.

Anyhow we still managed to get there in plenty of time to find a decent parking spot only a block away and get registered. What it didn’t leave me was anytime to visit with my running buddies. You see there’s a section on this race that’s downhill, very narrow and well I usually end up spending all my time hugging trees so the fast guys can pass me. So last year I opted to time myself and take a headstart. This year I decided to do the same thing.

I got a kiss for goodluck from little Nikayla and a hug from my daughter as well as Karen. I hit start on my Garmin (Mr V) and I was off running. It was about a 10 minute headstart if they started on time.

As it had snowed all week but been sunny and cool but still on the plus side the last few days the trail was a mix of mud and snow, basicly a slippery mess. For me Edworthy is the race I “love to hate”. It’s my least favorite of the series as the first part is along a steep ridge and I’m afraid of heights. This time on top of the steep run along the ridge, we had a greasy trail to run on. It made for a very treacherous start to the race for me.

Finally I finished the ridge section and headed inland. I let out a sigh of relief “whew” and ran passed the first course marshal. Time to head downhill. The downhill trail was slippery mostly with snow and not as much mud. I held tree branches in a few places to stay upright. I was thankful for the headstart as the path is too narrow for passing. Through the brush I could see the downtown core to my right. Down, down, and more down til I was all the way to the bottom. I made it almost to the bottom where the pathway was thankfully much wider, before the lead runners when flying past me. They flew by without hesitation yelling “good job Dawn”. It was about 25 minutes into the race for me and likely only about 10 minutes for them…lol. Some of them looked pretty muddy so I doubt the slippery mud had slowed them down at all.

The next part of the race went briefly through a field then along a fence line and back into the trees. For the most part it was pretty much flat and an easy run. Through the flat section I was passed by a large number of the runners .

By the time I hit the end of the flat stretch I could feel my energy draining. Let’s face it most of my training runs this year had been less then half an hour and it was now about the time I was done. However, Mr V indicated I was likely still only half way through the course. Yikes. The other problem was the first half had been all downhill, so guess what??? Yup, the last half was ALL UPHILL!

Somewhere on the uphill not only did several runners pass me, so did Karen and oh yeah, my daughter and little Nikayla even caught up to me as well. Even worse as I dragged my butt back up, up, up and away I got passed for the second time by the lead runners who were doing the loop twice to do the longer race. They again yelled “Good job, Dawn”. I laughed, said thanks and just took more photos. The one good thing about being so dang slow is at least I get great photos…lol.

Almost to the top, but not quite.

Finally I’m back on top and heading back along that treacherous ridge area. I don’t mind going back along the ridge as much as I’m not looking downhill. I checked my watch and I had been out around an hour. There was still the odd runner passing me here and there. Hmmm any bets Karen passes me again! Yup shore enough with still at least a half km or so to go Karen goes running by. I laughed and said “knew you would pass me again”. With Karen gone I figured I was probably the last runner left on the course. Again I laughed. Alright a personal worst (PW) only thing one can really do about it is laugh. The finish was in sight and I tried to pick it up, after all my family and friends had all hung around to cheer me in. It was a tough race and a tough finish.

How tough was it? Well check out Mr V below.

I limped back to my car with Carrie and Nikayla. I ached all over but was happy. At the hall my fav soups were all gone. I settled for a half bowl of potato-carrot. Even though I burned 600+ calories during my race I opted to skip the buns and chose two small cookies. I’ve dropped 6 pounds this week and am trying to remain committed to dropping more. That was the promise to myself and my Dr so that I can stay off drugs for my cholesterol. I did meet/chat with someone at the race who is a nutritionist and may look at going that route as well.

We did have our club’s Annual General Meeting last night but I opted to skip it as I figured I would likely be too sore. Yup I was…lol. Happy but sore. Recovery may not be easy but I will get there. You guys know me, I just don’t give up easily.

Oh yeah, the race results. By the way it was supposed to be a 4k event but they’ve listed it as 5.4k. Mr V only logged it as 4.74 so he must be off somewhere as I know I didn’t take any shortcuts…lol. For that distance I think the little one did just awesome! Heck we all did in our own way.

  • Nikayla – 48:19
  • Carrie – 48:19
  • Me – 1:20:54

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