Dino Dash 5k – Race Report


Woohoo. Check out the clock in last weeks report and look at this weeks photo finish! Yup I did it. I knocked nearly a minute off last weeks 5k and kicked the heck out of my old PB of 39:42. A NEW PB, what more could a runner ask for in a race.

It was a perfect day on a perfect course and a nearly perfect run. Okay so not everything went perfect. I got up later then usual as race start wasn’t until 11am. Gotta love that for a start time. Went to have my breakfast only to find hubby had eaten the last banana even though I had hid it for me. Oh well, plan B. I made toast and peanut butter. That was probably a better choice anyhow.

We headed out just before 10am and got there in plenty of time for great parking. It was a small crowd for the race and I knew a lot of the runners. Some of the women had also been in the event the week before and many were regulars among the local races. I’m not the only one that’s a glutton for punishment…lol.

The finish of the race was a loop around the track so I decided to do one loop to warm up. I think that was a good plan.

Just before 11am we left the track area and headed to the start line. We lined along University Dr for the start. I debated where to stand as there was a women nearby with a double stroller. She looked like a half decent runner but so I didn’t want to get run over by her then again I didn’t want to have to struggle to pass her. In the end I stood just behind her. I wanted to stay on that side as hubby was further down the road waiting to snap my start photo.

Staying behind her proved to be the better option although she was a little slow to get moving but later she ended up being my “pace bunny” although I mentally referred to her as something else…lol. Somewhere ahead was Nessie another motivation for me. She’s 78 has tons of race metals and was planning to finish around the 32 minute mark. My goal keep her just in sight to help me make my goal of less then 39:42.

The course is fairly flat by most standards but has really gentle rolling slopes. I found the slight incline worked just fine and was able to pick up speed on most of them. I did catch my pace slipping a little here and there but quickly talked myself into picking it right back up. When you head over to flickr you won’t find any pictures taken by me on the course cause I remained focused on running and the camera remained tucked in it’s pouch on my backside.

My friends in my online running group had couched me with a plan/tips to succeed in getting the new PB.

  • No pictures during the race
  • no slowing down for water, after all it’s a 5k.
  • pretend Nikayla is running in front of me and keep trying to catch up to her. Stroller Lady was my pretend Nikayla.
  • Just wave or thumbs up to volunteers, if you can talk, you’re going to slow

Other things that helped along the way:

  • Checking my garmin for pace and heart rate
  • music in only one ear so I could hear my breathing and any one trying to pass…lol.
  • Wore my lucky socks with the chick who looks like she’s screaming “go faster” on them. Which reminds me at the start the kids in the stroller were yelling at their mom to go faster..lol.
  • Fear of not making it…lol.
  • Positive thinking!!!! And a cute hubby waiting for me at the finish!

I was on track throughout the whole race. At the 4k mark I was smiling to myself knowing that my goal was within my reach I just had to keep up my pace. I’d felt some minor cramps in my side somewhere around the 3k mark but they had subsided.

I headed past the parking lot and onto the track. I pulled out my other ear so I was totally unplugged for the last lap. I picked up the pace just a bit and took one last look at my Garmin. As I rounded the last corner and headed for the finish I noticed the time on the clock and aimed for a new goal – gotta beat it in there before 39.

One last kick and I was across with seconds to spare. I heard the announcer say “that was Dawn Henry, just setting a new Personal Best and beating her last week time by nearly a minute after coming back from injuries”. Now how cool was that. Lots of races ask you about why you are running and your goals but this was the first one where I’d actually heard them announce it for me. I had lots of runners and spectators congratulate me. It was so cool and I was a tad in shock beating my time by so much. It’s been a long time coming.

Hmmm what’s next. Well you know me, as long as there are races, I will race. So my next event is the Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k Sept 20th. Then after that it’s the EMS Ambulance Chaser 5k on Oct 2nd, followed by CRR River Park XC 4k and on the same weekend CIBC Run for the Cure. After that the season gets rounded up by a few more XC races and then it’s onto planning for 2010.

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