Day 9 – The Challenge Continues

Today was tough. With the nasty weather I really wasn’t up to driving any where. I had hoped to go for a swim and then check in with the Calgary Herald – Health Club at Home Challenge that was happening dowtown. The weather put a damper on what I had planned. I was sitting around in my nightshirt debating what to do and finally decided I would take the bus downtown and check into the challenge. Besides it would be fun to check out the Ultimate Health & Fitness Show that was also at the Telus Convention Center. That still left me pondering how to get in my 30 minutes of activity.

Problem solved, I dressed warm and ran to the bus stop. Hmm that only took 15 minutes, now what. No bus yet so I did some jogging/walking in the area of the bus stop for yet another 15 minutes while I waited for the bus. Unfortunately it did take that long for the bus. Fortunately the pacing around the bus stop helped to keep me warm. Now while that covered the minimum required for the 100 days challenge my activity for the day did not end there.

Once downtown I still had to jog to the Convention Center. Then there was the time spent wondering around the show. And oh yeah don’t forget the walk/jog back to the bus as well as back home again. Nope still didn’t stop there. The driveway needed shovelling so I was the nice wife that spent 20 minutes shovelling the driveway and our sidewalk. Hard crusty snowdrifts are not easy or fun to shovel.

That’s it for day 9 and that’s it for my blogging this weekend. Must go eat some dinner and get ready for work tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend.