Day 8 – CRR Nose Creek XC – Race Director’s Report

Oops a day late is better then never. Thankfully I’m only late in blogging about it. I’m not late in being active for my 100Days Challenge. Despite the nasty wind, blowing snow and cold temperatures I was out there.

Saturday was the Calgary Roadrunners Nose Creek XC. It’s the first trail race of 2011 and I am the race director. For the most part the race was pretty much already organized. Volunteers arranged, soups planned, hall booked, etc. All that was left was for me to flag the course. I’d already planned it a couple of weeks ago and knew exactly where I wanted to run the route I just had to mark it so my runners would know where to go.

I headed out early and picked up Nikayla who had gladly asked if she could help. Crazy kid. A good friend, Alan also agreed to meet us at the start/finish area around 8:30. Too make things easier I have a large pink haul the flags around in. I also had a large water bottle of pink water mixed up to mark parts of the trail. It wasn’t the nicest day out. It was cold and windy but at least it wasn’t snowing…yet.

It took us a little over an hour to put all the flags out for the 4k course and it was pretty much bang on for 4k. The route was pretty easy with a few hills but nothing really hard and not too much ice. We had one frozen creek crossing and where ever the course might be slightly confusing we marked it with lots of flags and my cool pink water/pink snow. Silly me forgot to get photos of the pink snow.

By the time we got back to the start Les had shown up. Les was prerunning the course as he was to be one of my marshals. We allow runners to run the route in advance for a variety of reasons. I set my Garmin to time Les and off he went. My registration gal showed up so I sat and chatted with her in the car. Registration is always done the day of the race. It’s a pretty low key event. About 24 minutes later I checked my Garmin and thought “hmmm Les should be back shortly”. I opened the car door and there he was. OMG, that was fast. Hmmm maybe I made it too easy….lol.

Les said the course was well marked and if we were sort volunteers because of the nasty weather we would be fine. Despite the weather all my volunteers showed up. I did shuffle them a bit but no matter where I put anyone it was gonna be nasty. Not only did we have the wind but now it was snowing like crazy. Lovely, sideways snow and a wind that blow everything away. Heck even our finish line cones were almost blown over. The wind just blew threw you and chilled you to the bone.

Another friend, Karen also ran the route early as did Derek. Derek was my finish line assistant. I had a lot of really great volunteers that came out to help at the race. I can’t thank these people enough for their help and bravery for hanging out in the nasty cold winter wind.

I was surprised by the number of runners that registered for the even in this weather. According to the results there were 86 registered runners. Wow!

I hearded them up the hill to the start area and called out the basics of the race as well as how the finish works. For the XC events we use a pretty simple method. Each runner gets a popsicle stick in the order they finish. Jim, my awesome finish line guy clicks the timing maching to record the time for that runner. At the hall a label with the runner’s name is placed on a large board in the order of the popsicle they give my volunteer, Barry. (Thanks Barry)

Instructions given. I yelled “Ready, Set, Go” and the runners were off. I loved how the ridge looked as the runners headed out. The runners stretched out and headed off soon out of site.

The runners would head out along the top ridge then take a sharp right at the end. The map below gives you an idea of the race route except it wasn’t that green…lol.

It didn’t take long for the first runners to make it round the course and finish the first loop. The 8k runners had to do it twice. The finish was just to the left of where they had to head up for the second loop

I saw many a runner hesitate and think about just doing 4k. Can’t say I blame them. I did have one crazy runner that ran in shorts. Smart man, only did the 4k. I was shivering in 2 layers of pants, 2 shirts, vest, hoodie and more. Heck I was still shivering hours later.

All in all despite the weather it was a great event and I’m pretty happy with how the day went. It was a new race start area, a new course and a new hall. Everyone seemed to have a good time and like the race, the hall, etc. Ya know in the long run, that’s all that counts.

A big thanks to all those who helped, on the course, at the finish, soup makers and those working in the hall (kitchen & cleanup help). You all rock and without you events such as this could not happen. A special thanks to my hubby who hates the cold for hanging out and doing my running around as well as putting up with my maddness be it for this event or with all the training I am off doing. Love you babe!

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And don’t forget to check out this video my friend Neil made. This was his first ever XC race.

That’s it for me and day 8 of my 100 Days challenge. So how’s your challenge going?