Day 7 – Stepping it Up!

Yup Day 7 of the 100 Days Challenge done. I started today’s workout with 200 step ups. I’ve watched them do this on Biggest Loser and thought it really can’t be as hard as all that…OMG, was I wrong! Hopefully this workout gets easier as time goes on. Now I didn’t just stop there cause while the step ups were harder then I thought they really didn’t kill much time. I followed it with situps, a variety of floor exercises and then back on my feet I did lunges with weights, marching, some dance moves and more. I even ran up my stairs a couple of times. I had to check on the soup I was making.

To keep myself amused I watched Days of our Lives and before it the 30 minutes were over and done with. So that’s it another day, another activity. Woohoo I made it through a whole week. Did you?

Bonus, I’m down 3 pounds!