Day 43 – CRR Nose Hill XC – Race Report

What a day! What an XC! Saturday was day 43 and the CRR Nose Hill XC. What a beautiful day for a run. For whatever reason the usual 4k or so race ended up being over 6k. Good thing it was a beautiful day to run. I ended up running it a tad slower then planned so that I could ensure a friend’s child made it safely back to the finish/start area.

When things got tough for her I played games such as suggesting she run a flag, walk a flag or walk to the next stone/bush and then run. She wasn’t used to running so while it was a struggle we made it all the way around the beautiful course and finished still upright.

Of course taking that long meant being late getting back to the hall and ooops no soup. No biggy I enjoyed some soup at home. I have a few frozen bowls for just such occassions. I should give a big thanks to my hubby for being there and taken some wonderful photos for me. He’s always so supportive for me at these events. Thanks Babe!

They say a picture tells a thousand words so here’s a few to give you a better idea of how the race went.

Race Results
Flickr Photos (link to be added later)
CRR Race Photos