Day 29 – CRR 12 Mile Coulee XC – Race Report

Wow it went from a record high of 12C on Thursday to -13C and lots of snow for Saturday. That would have been fine if I could have stayed in my PJs and home all day but NO, I had a trail race to run. Yup Saturday was the CRR 12 Mile Coulee XC. Now just so you know 12 Mile Coulee is the name of the area, the race is still only a choice of 4k or 8k. I had been trying for all 8ks this year but decided maybe it just wasn’t in the cards this year.

I hate driving in crap like this so thankfully a good friend, Les, agreed to pick up myself and my family. He’s got a 4×4 Jeep! Even with the 4×4 there were several spots where we did a bit of swerving on the ice. I hear there were lots of accidents on the road as well. Thankfully we made it to the race just fine. We registered at the hall and headed down to the start area a few blocks away. As the weather sucked we drove and so did most.

Unfortunately Nikayla got an owie before the race started. She accidently slammed the door on her arm jamming the elbow area between the vehicle and the door. OUCH! It looked pretty nasty. She still opted to at least start the race but her and her Mom found a shortcut and did not finish the race. I was tempted to take the same shortcut but did not.

It was a tough course along the top. There were many holes one could easily of twisted an ankle in so it was a slow go for me. Not so for the speedy guys that lapped me fairly early in the race. Once down in the “Coulee” area the path was more even and easier to pick up the pace a bit. It was even a tad warmer in the sheltered valley area. A few narrow ledges still made tricky running. And oh yeah there was many a tree I had to hug to let the runners go past me.

While it might go down on record as one of my slowest races I was still happy I did the whole thing and would not have minded doing the 8k had it been a nicer day. Les was even nice enough to hang out and watch me finish. He even got a photo or two of me as I crossed the finish area. Thanks Les!

Almost forgot to mention, Karen gave me a belated birthday gift earlier at the hall. She knitted me some half mitts. They were awesome and kept my hands nice and warm as I wore them over my gloves during the race. Thanks Karen!

Here’s a few photos of the race but be sure and check the flickr link at the bottom for the rest.

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