Day 16, 17 & 18 – Bike, Swim, & Run

Oops fell behind there. I won’t tortute my readers with 3 separate posts…lol. So Day 16 was Sunday and dang it, it was still damn cold out. Yes over -30 with the windchill is too damn cold. So rather then do nothing and mess up my 100 Days Challenge I rode my bike for an hour. Still streaking.

With it being so cold I opted to change my plans around a little. Sunday was supposed to be a swim day so I swam on Monday instead. I decided I needed a timed base to measure against so no drills instead I swam 1200 meters non-stop. It took me 50 minutes. I didn’t push it, just a nice steady swim. I was tired by the time I was done.

Today I ran. I packed my running gear. Actually I wore half of it under my nice work outfit for a quick change after work. I was a little late getting away from the office so rather then ride the bus part way and run part way I decided on “Plan B”.

“Plan B” was to ride the bus up to a stop near home. I got off the bus and meandered down a gentle hill in the nearby subdivision. The route when from gentle dowhill to fairly flat and then a few turns here and there had me almost back to my area. At 30 minutes the bus stopped as I ran by but I resisted getting on it, after all I only had a few blocks to go. I checked my watch a block from home and still needed 5 more minutes so opted to add in a couple more blocks . I finished off my run at 41:25 and managed to run 4.10k. My ave pace was 9:52 and somewhere in there I even made it up to a 5:40 min/km pace (must have been when I sprinted across the street…lol). Back at home I timed myself to ensure I did a full 5 minutes of stretching.

So that’s it for this week so far. Still on track for my 100 Days, are you?