Day 15 – Surviving TKO

Not wanting working out for a 100 days straight to get boring I signed up for something a little different yesterday. I signed up for a TKO workout put on by Pete Estabrooks “The Fitness Guy” as a demo at the Calgary Fitness Expo.

OMG what a workout. Pete setup each of, some 50 plus attendees with a “station”. Each station was a different workout, some with equipment some just you. When Pete yelled change we followed our assigned person and moved to the next station. It was really cool. You got to do a variety of workouts and excercises so that by the time you were done you pretty much had completed a full body workout. I had trouble with a couple of things but was amazed that I successfully completed most of the stations including the situps one.

To quote Pete “It was like Rocky punching it up in a meat locker. The fact we had about 1000 sq ft did little to dampen the enthusiasm. I was stoked (and a little surprised) no one got killed with all the medicine balls flying over sit ups, over push ups, around walk ups and shuttle runs and burpees stationed around the room. Kudos to everyone – thank you!” I had a great time and would gladly join in to do it again.

Now the other reason I wanted to head over to the Fitness Expo was to hear/meet Paul Plakas of X-Weighted. It was nice to sit down and listen to Paul after my TKO workout. He talked about how we sit too often, oops and the poor choices of food we make. At least I was eating an apple and drinking water.