Day 1 – Avocado Toast and Bacon


I recently (June 2016) did a 30 day challenge – eating a different version of avocado toast for 30 days. I had several requests for the recipes so I will try to add them as time permits.

This one is pretty simple. The ingredients along with calories, etc are in the photo below.Day1-AvoToast

I used two pieces of Dave’s Killer Bread, it’s sliced thin and therefore lower in calories and carbs. You could use a different bread but remember the calories, etc will be different. Toast the bread to your likeness.

I used a whole avocado. Cut in half lengthwise and remove the pit as well as the skin. Depending on the avocado, yours may weigh less or more which will affect your counts. I slice the avocado as thinly as possible. I use half of it on the toast and the other half I arrange on whichever plate I am using. I sprinkle real bacon bits on the toast as well as flax seeds.

With the sliced avocado I add the raspberries and blueberries plus a banana on the side.

That’s it, pretty simple, dig in and eat.