CRR – XC Windup Banquet – Nikky gets her 50

Ah the end of another great Calgary Roadrunners XC season. Not so great for me, I only ran a few of the events. However it was awesome for my Granddaughter Nikayla (aka Nikky) who finished her fifth season of doing all 10 of the 4k races. She started doing them when she was 5 and now at 10 years old she had completed her 5th season. For this she was rewarded with 50cans of rootbeer.

There were a number of others who also achieved their 50th in a row. Those of age got 50 beer instead. As always the final banquet is a mix of fun and saddness as it marks the end of yet another XC season. Hopefully next season I can do all 10 events.