CRR Weaselhead XC – Race Report

What a beautiful day for the race. I was dressed right and felt great. The new spikes really helped. While I doubt it was my fastest race it had some great moments. There was a slow start for the 1st km due to sloppy snow conditions to run through. I’m not as light on my feet as I need to be for running through that crap. Once I made it to the rabbit trails section the spikes gave me a little more confidence then I usually have running them. It felt great. I had to stop here and there to let the speedy guys go by on the narrow trails. So I did sprints here and there to make up for the time lost. It felt good and I really enjoyed running the event. This one is always my favorite. The distance ended up being 3.56k and my time was 48:54. Ave pace was 12:53 and best pace l6:38. Heart rate was 136 ave and max 157. I was very happy with the effort and results.

And here’s a description via photos…

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