CRR Nose Creek XC – The Route

2013map-blogCRR Nose Creek XC – 2013
Short route is just shy of 4k
Long route is just shy of 7.5k
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Pink ovals indicate a possible course marshal location


Route Description

  • Start/Finish determined by weather – May be at top by parking lot or at base of hill by fence.
  • Blue flags on your right with extra yellow where there is a turn. If I run out of blue then the flags will be orange/red. Occasionally might have to be on your left. Just make sure you are following our flags and not some that are there for other reasons (ie – down by one of the bridges ignore a group of flagging that is way off the pathway.)
  • Measurements indicated are based on starting from the fence at base of hill below parking lot.
  • Run Clockwise, from fence, heading east and slowly south is flat for a bit then becomes a gradual downhill.
  • About .5k take a left and head towards tall pole. (Possible volunteer)
  • After pole you angle right and follow a meandering road. It is nice and wide.
    It’s a long down hill until you reach the first bridge. Approx 1.19 (Possible volunteer)
  • Turn right at bridge and take first right towards the second bridge (DO NOT go uphill towards old path).
  • At 2nd bridge you may see some flagging in the field on your right, please ignore and follow the blue flags on the main path.
  • At about 1.54 you will angle left off main path onto a snowy trail. Follow the flags.
  • A short distance ahead you will have a right turn. (Possible volunteer)
  • If you reach a 3rd bridge you missed your turn!
  • At the right turn you head uphill til you meet the main path, then take a left.
  • Are you still following the flags?
  • On the main path you will pass a bench, do not sit, keep running J – still going uphill.
  • At approx 1.88k you will make a right turn onto a snowy path through field. (Possible volunteer)
  • You are now heading east along a fairly straight and flat snowy path. Follow those flags.
  • At the end of the field you will reach a steep downhill. (Possible volunteer)
  • Feel free to scream with pleasure as you sprint downhill but watch for ice.
  • At the base of the hill you will angle left and gradually uphill.
  • Just past the opening in the fence you will take a sharp left. (Possible volunteer)
  • This is a short and easy down then uphill heading west.
  • Follow the flags west until you see yellow. (Possible volunteer)
  • At the yellow (and/or volunteer) turn right. You are almost done!
  • A nice flat sprint through the snowy field should get you to the finish.
  • Oh wait, if you are doing the 8k, you must do it all again……
  • If you are done, then cross the finish.
  • Don’t forget to smile and grab your Popsicle stick.
  • If you are already done, please cheer on your fellow runners.